Saloon Girls – the roses of the Wild West!

Western themed costume parties are always a popular theme around these parts……..lots of country folk already have lots of the makings of a cowboy or cowgirl dress-up.  A popular sub-category though is the gorgeous Saloon Girl!  Love it, a chance to get all dolled up, stay in theme, and hopefully spend the night hitting up strangers for free drinks……all while staying totally in character!  Win-win!

Pink and black Saloon Girl costume
Hot pink, black Saloon girl dress
Pink and black lace Saloon Girl costume
Pink and black lace corset dress – Saloon Girl/Showgirl
Green velvet Saloon Girl costume
Green velvet Madam costume – Saloon Girl/Showgirl

I’ve been playing around with some of our Saloon Girl/Western Showgirl/Madam stock lately – these outfits are perfect for showcases all of your (ahem) best features – if you love your legs, hike up those skirts!  And really, who doesn’t look great with a corset on – just remember to leave room to breathe!

Green saloon girl costume
Green and black showgirl dress
Red and black lace corset Saloon Girl costume
Red and black lace corset with skirt – Saloon Girl/Showgirl

Saloon  Girls and Showgirls are ruled by their Madam – feel free to dress as the queen of the roost and boss “your girls” around if this is a role that fits you best.

Classic colours are black, hot pink, red, bright green, bright blue or turquoise.  A lace up corset is a must and skirts can be ruffled and hiked or tied up to show off those fishnet clad legs.  Fripperies and flounces are in demand, as are feathers and ribbons.  Lace gloves, choker necklaces and a feathered head dress are all fantastic accessories for any self-respecting saloon girl.

Hair is on point in ringlets and elaborate up dos with flattering tendrils escaping strategically.  Feel free to go to town with your make-up – these girls did not operate on a subtle agenda!  Pale faces, bright lips and a beauty mole will all gain you attention from those gunslingers!

Pink satin corset large Saloon Girl costume
Pale pink satin corset dress, black skirt (optional), black boa, gloves, hat….


Black and maroon Saloon Girl costume
Corset top, black skirt, purple boa, black accessories….