Gorgeous Gowns

Marie cropped Gorgeous Historical (or Hysterical) Gowns!

(Me at 18 in a fashion parade as Marie Antionette – I don’t look impressed!)

One of my favourite categories of costume are the historical gowns.  I just love all those huge dresses of brocade, lace, satin and luxurious materials.  In our little town we have an annual event coming up in a couple of weeks – the Fame Awards.

It is an award night for local artists to submit and have their video clips, music and general fantastic artiness shown to the community.  The theme for 2016 is “Lords, Ladies and Legends” so the velvet and fur has been flying here in little Port Lincoln!

I really like this years theme as it lets everyone cover up in warm costumes (it is pouring with rain and freezing here atm!).   Plus the Civic Hall where the event is held is not known for it’s warmth.  I reckon the theme is perfect with my current Game of Thrones obsession.   (I can’t decide who is my favourite babe at the moment but Sansa’s grin after her little chat with that rotter Ramsey might be the deciding factor!  Of course the attraction with Yara and the big D is pretty beguiling too – don’t say you don’t know what I’m talking about!  I’m being obscure because no one likes a spoiler!)

I’ve already outfitted the City Band with a heap of medieval costumes (they are gonna look so darn cute!).  I’ve fixed up a lovely golden Marie Antionette and a velvet pink princess for a very excited little girl.  Plus a fantastic Jon Snow for a strapping young lad.  Even if I do say so!

With many costumes already out the door, I am in a flurry of finding suitable material in the costume storage.  I’m sewing and sourcing more to fit in with the theme.  This year is going to be another great show, it gets bigger each year!  I know there are going to be last minute stragglers who wander in on the day of the show.  They will want to be outfitted like they stepped out of Movie Land.  (Only kidding, love you all!)

I’ll post my progress and hopefully it will all be all right on the night!  If anyone out there has any ideas for the theme of “Lords, Ladies and Legends” I’d love to hear!  I’m thinking Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and all things mythical and medieval.  Also Marie Antionette, Cinderella and her Prince, Fairy Tale Legends, 300 and even Rock Legends?

Anyway, keeping in the historical theme and having a play with some of the gowns, here are some I prepared earlier!!

Marie gown Marie Gown2

Gold BallgownIMG_1259_1024

Tiny Marie Gown