Masquerade masks at midnight……..

Saloon girl masquerade mask

Everyone loves a Masquerade Ball!  This is a super easy option for a dress up show – it gives lots of choice to the participants – they can either reference the theme simply with a plain mask or go all out with an elaborate ensemble.

Pink satin masquerade mask
Purple satin masquerade mask

Generally, Masquerade Balls in Australia are semi-formal in tone with the addition of co-ordinating ornate masquerade masks.  Bonus points if a couple can co-ordinate their colours and masks!

HERS: Floral ornate laser cut metal masquerade mask
HIS: Black and silver masquerade mask

A Masquerade Ball doesn’t have to be a stressful or overly expensive exercise either.  You can use a formal dress you have worn before, just bling it up a bit with OTT accessories and mask and you are ready to roll.  For fellas, dress shirt and pants, nice shoes and belt – grab a co-ordinating colour mask and your’e done!  Or you can always go more elaborate with a steampunk style mask and accessories like a fob watch.

Steampunk masquerade mask

Metal laser-cut masks

One popular style right now are the metal laser cut options – these are generally a ribbon tie-on and are very lightweight.

Silver metal pink glitter masquerade mask
Black metal butterfly laser cut masquerade mask
Black bat metal laser cut masquerade mask
Simple black metal laser cut butterfly masquerade mask

My favourite at the moment is the new “sunglasses” style which has clear, movable arms so you can wear your mask comfortably and not ruin your make-up!

Black lace feathered masquerade mask

We have a huge range of masks in-store and are happy to ship straight to you – just flick us a quick email with your requirements and we will get straight back to you as soon as possible, or let us know any questions you may have about our range!

Ornate red and gold brocade masquerade mask