Classic Halloween costumes

Time to think seriously about your Halloween costume!

It is easy to get sorted this coming Halloween season!  As we start into our busiest time of the year I thought I would begin having a look in our costume collection for some classic, easy-peasy, low-stress costumes for kids and adults.  We’ll narrow in on some serious cosplay soon but for now it’s a good time to warm up to the whole party season about to begin – can you feel it?  SPRING has sprung and it is time to dust off, warm up, and enjoy!  Here in little Port Lincoln, South Australia, the weather is starting to warm up nicely with the sun even making an appearance now and then.  From now until after the Tunarama Parade next January, our little town starts to come alive with tourists, summer, sun, surf, and lots of parties!

Halloween is not too far away and already people are planing their outfits!  We are getting enquiries for Halloween shows so make sure you start turning your mind to your duds now!

vampiress costume Vampire bite kit

Vampy Vampires

Vampires have been big for quite a few years now.

The best thing about vampire costumes right now are these cool Vampire-Bite-Kits.  We sell these instore or via our ebay store:  ozbomb.  They have a puncture wound “cast”, liquid latex to attach and runny bloody scab to well, “ooze”……

Black hooded cape halloween costume vampire fangsMadam Vampire costume

Dracula's Bride

A cute vampire variation is Dracula’s Bride – you get a wear a slinky dress and vamp around.

You can be a gory version or a glamorous version, totally up to you!

A classic black, purple or deep red dress, gloves, cape, head-dress, wig and make-up are all relatively easy to source or alter for your own take on Dracula’s main lady.

Zombies – still shambling along!


It’s still all about the zombies.  Zombies aren’t going anywhere fast and it looks like every second costume is a Zombie Somethingorother.  I think most of my suppliers are taking old lines and “turning” them (haha – made a joke there!!) into zombie costumes by throwing fake blood over them.  Seriously, you have Zombie Nurses, Zombie Doctors, even Zombie Snow White!  I love it all though and we have some great Zombie photo sessions planned soon.  For now, some of the latest special effects make up allow for easy Zombification.   There is no shortage of costumes for kids and adults to choose from.

zombie doctor halloween kids costume scar skin

Witches and wizards

Everyone has to dress as a witch or wizard at least once.   I’ve been creating Witch costumes for over 20 years now and kids always seem to love the idea of dressing up and being a magical character.  A witch dress, robes, cape, and most important of all, a cool witch hat and you can be any sort of witchcraft welder.

Stripey halloween witch costume kids pink witch halloween costume

orange halloween witch Lucy Witch Halloween kids costume

punk sugar skull witch

Creepy characters!

From the Addam’s family to the Munsters, there are plenty of creepy characters perfect for a Halloween party and beyond……


creepy halloween girl costume

Ringwraith kids halloween costumehalloween skeletondevil halloween kids costume

Ringwraiths are easy to fit and comfy with robes, capes and a mesh face makes it a perfect outfit for Trick and Treating.  Skeletons are a universal favourite too.   Full suits and masks are quick but you can show off your make-up skills with a face and body paint.

This is just a quick look at some ideas to begin with – we have a heap of costumes to make over the next few weeks and I’ll try to be good and actually take photos of progress during costume construction!

What are your costume plans?  I’d love to hear what your thoughts are – what is the best costume idea for 2016?