All that jazz – Roaring Twenties photo shoot!

Vintage Roaring Twenties costume

So between sourcing new stock, mending and cleaning the old and all the tasks in between I rarely get time to just have fun with our costume collection.  My kids are rebelling and won’t let me dress them up anymore (!) so this last week I pulled out our latest Roaring Twenties outfits.  Mannequins are very compliant (and don’t complain about being bored or hungry) but nothing beats the way a costume looks on a person.

A photo shoot is a great way to get gorgeous family photographs too.   You don’t have to wait to be invited to a costume party to dress up!  Why not organise a girl’s photo session?   Invite the besties over and have a little shindig while dressing up in some gorgeous frocks.  You will have a lot of laughs and end up with some lovely photos.  Sounds like a great way to waste a rainy weekend!

Black satin fringed Roaring Twenties flapper costume
Fringed flapper dress


I chose Roaring Twenties partly because we have been getting some new stock in.   Also so I could play with vintage filters.  (Oh so flattering and easy to wipe out lines and flaws!)  When using vintage filters I have found it is best to have slightly heavy make-up.  This will ensure eyes and lips are visible once the filters are applied.  Same principles apply as when doing stage make-up.  Apply with a heavy hand, to the point you don’t want to be caught in “natural” light!

The dresses……..

We only used two dresses in this shoot – one a gorgeous sequin number with art deco shapes the other with fringing.  While they are both great dresses it is the accessories that really bring this look together.  I used a lighter fur stole to add contrast to the dark colour of both dresses.  Black gloves were a given, black fishnet stockings, long pearls and a feathered headband also standard Roaring Twenties apparel.  The shoes were gorgeous designer items from Jennifer Hawkins – not historically correct but just fab anyway.

Black and gold sequinned flapper dress

I chose wigs to experiment with – both platinum shades which worked well with the vintage filter.  One is a classic flapper style in a Marcel wave with side part, the other a straight banged bob.  Wigs are not always easy to wear but using a headband is handy!

Roaring Twenties flapper costume

We had a lot of fun this day, it was different to get dressed up as I spend a lot of my time in track-pants now!  Thanks for looking at my blog!  If you are thinking of a Roaring Twenties costume check out our related posts for some more photos!

More Fab Flappers for a Roaring Twenties night!

1920’s Flapper costumes are always a popular choice!

Roaring Twenties parties, Flapper themed hen’s shows, Twenties themed weddings, this theme is a winner!  It lets the girls stay glamorous and is a great excuse to break out that extra bling and throw on some spangled, sequined sexiness.  I’ve had a look through our photo album for some more of our Twenties costumes and props……..

Black and red fringed 1920's flapper costume
Black and red fringed flapper, red gloves, beads, feathered headband………
Black and gold flapper
Black and gold flapper, gold gloves, black fur stole, black cocktail hat………


Black sequin and beads dress
Sequin and beaded dress with black and white boa, gloves, beads and showgirl headpiece…….

Luxurious glamour!

The 1920’s flapper theme is all about luxury and hedonistic decadence………you want an outfit that you can wear for all those hours you will be dancing and prancing the night away.  Gorgeous fabrics with sparkle and tassels or fringing that swing while you move will help your party mood!  Hair can be sleek and simple when you have a flattering headpiece, feathered or beaded.  Gloves mean you can give the manicure a miss, just throw on some beads and bangles are you are good to go!

Take the time to research 1920’s flapper make-up before the night.  A pale face, bee-sting lips in a dark hue and smokey bedroom eyes are perfect.  Don’t forget to get those eye-brows in shape, this is not a low maintenance look!


Flappers yellow and white
Yellow satin flapper dress with white fringing, white boa, white gloves, white beads, feather headband……….
Silk silver strapless flapper dress
Grey silk strapless dress, silver long gloves, fur stole, beaded snood headpiece……
Aqua blue frill flapper
Black velvet art deco dress with aqua satin frill, beads, cloche style hat…..
Black and white silver fringed dress 1920's flapper
Black and silver fringed flapper dress, black boa, beads, feathered headband……..


So get out there, kick up those heels, don’t let anyone bring your moment down…………”a little party never killed nobody!”