Costumes starting with “G”? Golly gosh!

Costumes starting with “G”?  Golly gosh!

So all year round there are parties where you have to go as something starting with “?”…….G seems like a hard one until you have a think about it!  I can think of these, are there any I have missed?  Please comment below!

  • Gaga, Lady – myriad of looks, many with long white hair or platinum blonde, signature looks include meat dress and space age leotards

Costumes starting with "G"

  • Galadriel (Lord of the Rings) – long white and flowing dress, long blonde hair, coronet (silver tiara)
  • Gambler/Maverick – dress shirt with ornate vest, black pants, panama hat or top hat, gold jewellery, pack of cards
  • Gandalf the Grey – grey robes, grey hat, white beard and hair
  • Gandalf the White – white robes, white hat, white beard and hair, staff
  • Gangster, 1920s – slick suit in dark colours or pinstripe, satin shirt, tie, braces, fedora hat, spats or two-colour shoes, moustache/slick hair, gangster gun optional

Costumes starting with "G"Costumes starting with "G"

Costumes starting with "G"
Gangster: Costumes starting with “G”!
  • Gangster Goil/Moll/Queen – see 1920’s Flappers/Roaring twenties or a dark pinstripe suit as per Gangster
  • Garden Fairy – green and natural tone fairy dress, wings, headdress
  • Gatsby, James – white or pale suit, boater hat, lots of style
  • Gecko – Green suit, shoes, headpiece
  • Geisha Girl – traditional kimono garb with geisha wig
  • General Custer – blue Union style civil war uniform, blonde wig and beard set
  • Gene Simmons – KISS
  • Genie – Harem girl costume – harem pants, bodice etc
  • German Beer Girl – see Beer Girl – traditional Drindl style dress with blouse
  • German Beer Boy – Lederhosen with white shirt and hat
  • Geronimo – see Indian costumes
  • Ghoul – tattered ghost/zombie clothing
  • Ghoul Bride – see Zombie Bride
  • GI Jane – see Army
  • GI Joe – see Army
  • Gimli – Dwarf warrior from Lord of the Rings
  • Gladiator – Roman tunic worn with warrior accessories, belt, bracers, armbands, leg bands, helmet, sandals, sword and shield
  • Glam Rocker – 1980’s glam rock, big hair, lots of leather, lace, sashes, studs, denim, accessories, too much is not enough
  • Glee – American cheerleaders/preppies with signature logos
  • Glinda – the Good Witch of the South from Wizard of Oz – light pink full skirt ball gown with lots of sequins and glitter, large crown, strawberry blonde wig, star wand
  • Gnome – pants, braces, top, gnome hat, beard and white hair wig
  • Goblin – ugly and warty gnome, usually with green skin
  • Godfather, the – tuxedo with red rose in lapel
  • Go Go Girl – see Retro Minidress
  • Goddess – see Ancients
  • Goldfish
  • Goldilocks – fairy tale frock with long golden blonde wig
  • Good Fairy – usually pink or pale coloured dress with wings, star wand
  • Gomez, Adams Family – Black pinstriped suit with thin moustache and slicked black hair
  • Gorilla – furry suit, mask, hands and feet
  • Goth – all black garb, some punk stuff, goth style wig and makeup
Costumes starting with "G"
Goth girl: Costumes starting with “G”!
  • Goth Bride – also see Zombie Bride – Black/grey wedding dress, veil, makeup, black wig, black or blood roses bouquet
  • Goth Fairy – Black shredded dress, black wings, headpiece
  • Graduate –Gown, cowl and hat
  • Grease – see Pink Ladies, Thunderbirds, etc
  • Costumes starting with "G"
      “Grease” Costumes starting with “G”!
  • Granny Wolf – old fashioned nightie, shawl, furry hands and feet, wolf mask, bonnet
  • Grass Skirts – see Hawaii also
  • Gravedigger – dark robes, top hat or hooded cape
  • Greek, Ancient – see Ancients
  • Greek, Spartan – see Gladiator
  • Green Lantern – green lantern suit
  • Green Tree Frog
Costumes starting with "G"
Green Tree Frog: Costumes starting with “G”!
  • Gretel – see Beer girl
  • Grim Reaper – see Death
  • Grinch, the – Green furry legs, Santa jacket, Grinch mask, Santa hat
  • Grizzly Adams – Frontier man garb, blonde hair and wig, stuffed bear?
  • Groover 1970’s – see Disco
Costumes starting with "G"
Groover: Costumes starting with “G”

Costumes starting with "G"

  • Groom – see Bridesgroom
  • Gryfinndor Student from Harry Potter
  • Gunslinger – see Cowboy
  • Gwenivere – see Princess
  • Gypsy Girl/Gypsy King/Fortune teller – Gypsy inspired garb, full skirts, shawls, scarf, gold jewellery, ornate vests

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some!  Please write any suggestions in the comments below!