Rock ‘n’ Roll is here to stay…

Love, love, love 1950’s sock hop themes!  I think I can probably recite the whole of Grease, we watched it so many times when I was a teen.  We all wanted to be Bad Sandy, to rebel and strut around while a boy followed like a tragic puppy.  My flat out favourite character remains Rizzo though, the tough chick with the soft heart hidden behind layers of sarcasm and attitude.

Pink & Green ruffle 1950's skirt
Pink beehive, pink & green ruffle 1950’s skirt
Green 1950's circle skirt, blk jacket small
Green satin circle skirt with record motif, bomber jacket

The 1950’s theme can be problematic for a lot of people though.  We generally aren’t very used to the silhouette with a pinched in waist and flouncy skirt.  If you match a jacket or loose shirt the result can be a feeling of being a bit “muffin-like”.

The trick to wearing a 1950’s circle Poodle Skirt is to make sure to flounce it out with petticoats  Also make sure to use an elastic belt or equivalent to nip that waistline in.  In my photos I’ve used about five petticoats for maximum “poofiness” and you could go more if you wanted to.   You need to tuck a shirt in or wear a tight fitting plain top.  Match a neck scarf, maybe a chiffon one?  Any jacket should be ideally form fitting or a shorter style, such as a bolero or short bomber style.

Purple satin 1950's record skirt
Purple satin 1950’s record skirt, Sock Hop scarf

Cute flat shoes, with or without ankle socks, guarantee a comfortable night, just what you need when setting that dance floor on fire, ala Cha Cha.

Black and white rock girl 1950's
Black circle skirt, vintage ruffle shirt, gauze scarf, cats eye glasses….

White skirt with bows, half cape sml 1950'sYellow dot skirt pink bolero 1950's costume

Happy Days skirt
Green plaid pleated skirt from “Happy Days – The Musical”, Australian Tour……

Vintage 1950’s dresses are another great option, if you find a wearable one make sure to cherish it!  Fifties fashion is in so much demand it can be pricey but if you are a lover of the style it is worth every cent.  I’ve got serious seller’s regret about some Fifties pieces I’ve sold over the years.   Some of my most loved vintage includes what remains of my grandmother’s fabulous Fifties ballgowns.

1950's green dot vintage dress 1950's vintage Hawaiian dress

There are always knock-off costumes for sale for an easy solution – they are readily available and are no-fuss.  Maybe a better choice than vintage if the show is likely to be a rowdy one!

Fifties girl $45
For sale 1950’s swing girl $39


This post has looked at circle skirts as the main look of a Fifties theme.   There are other notable contenders such as the popular Wiggle Dress or funky Capri Pants which I will feature shortly.

Thanks for checking out this blog this far, lots more costume madness going on as we go through our stock for a massive inventory.   It’s a huge task but I’m hoping coffee will help me survive!