Disco Fever! 1970’s suits with retro flair!

My husband and I met at Deb’s 30th birthday “Saturday Night Fever” themed party at the Yacht Club.  He was wearing a huge afro wig – I had my photo taken with this guy and kept on partying – a few months later I found the photo and recognised my now boyfriend!  True story!  So I’m a bit partial to a good old Disco themed dress up.  1970’s costume shows are a perennial favourite of most dress up fans.   I would estimate our costume shop deals with a 60’s/70’s night dress up at least once a month (during a pretty slow period like winter) or back to back or even twice in one weekend during our busy times.

I’ve been lucky to see some customers come up with the best combo’s from our stock of vintage disco!  Even though the outfits can come back with crotches split from the dance floor action it always warms the cockles of my little heart when they go out for a good party – except that time I walked into one and saw Elvis spinning on the floor in a white jumpsuit, that was bad that one!

The Seventies had countless sexy and sassy outfits for women – I’ll get that that soon!  Today, I thought I would concentrate on a few of the dapper male looks of the era and feature some favourite 1970’s disco king wear.  One thing for sure, the male bottom was clothed in a lot more flattering style than the modern hanging-down-to-the-knees like a nappy/Kimbie/diaper look!  Lots of guys freak out about how tight the seventies pants are around their bottoms and hips when they try them on in store (poor babies!).

One of the staples of the era is of course the safari suit:

1970's biege long sleeve safari suit 1970's biege safair suit 1970's blue safari suit



All about the synthetic fabrics here – don’t wear too close to open flames!  We usually pair with a classic disco shirt, loud tie, large sunglasses and either an Afro wig, a sideburns wig, or what I refer to as the “Seventies Shag”.  We have a large collection of fabulously ugly mullet/shag wigs for that finishing touch!

Shoes:  It is fantastic if you can get your hands on authentic Seventies disco shoes – they are usually a colourful leather, have a short heel and rounded front.  We haven’t hired our vintage men’s shoes in a long time as we had a spate of the authentic men’s platform heels losing their heels as the glue is now so old it has trouble standing up to a night dancing!  So we use modern varieties which are normally quite exaggerated – nice to see the fellas experiencing a little foot discomfort for the sake of beauty though.  Some plain leather shoes will do if you can’t be bothered risking a platform heel – in a lot of 1970’s costume the flared leg means your shoes are barely visible anyway!

Sunnies:  The disco king look is all about excess so sunglasses need to be huge and elaborate.  Nothing understated here will do – you need to compete with your side burns!  Points for funky tints too.

The Bling:  Men layered on as much bling as their girls in the Seventies – rings, gold chains, pendants, and bracelets, the more the merrier!  All the better for flashing your feathers at all those disco chicks!

The Disco Pimp:  Never afraid to make an appearance – this walking stereotype 1970’s costume brings some colour along to the party, just in case you weren’t feeling beige.

1970's purple disco pimp 1970's red and black pimp costume

Our pimps have all the usual – velvet, gold chains, imitation animal print, flared pants, satin shirt, sunglasses, the works!  They are perfect for heaps of different occasions from parties to wedding celebrant (true story!),

Another Seventies staple, white flares and a disco shirt!

1970's costume blue satin shirt white flares
1970’s costume – blue satin shirt, white flares, “shag” wig

The white flares are authentic men’s vintage Seventies flares – the wig is an example of the shag wigs.  The oversized satin shirt/tunic I made with flared sleeves, v-neck and side splits in a thick silky satin – I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, matched it with a darker satin tie.  Ready for an Abba party!

Of course you can’t forget the classic check flared suit – for that “dedicated follower of fashion”….

1970s costume check suit
1970s costume – vintage wool suit with check pattern, flared leg

1970’s costume is not just about a sharp suit with complementing shirt and tie though – there are all those little extras for the complete look!

There are heaps of different accessories available (not authentic vintage but lots of fun!).

1970's costume
Gold medallion necklace $7.90 – 1970’s costume
1970's costume
Deluxe Elvis costume – 1970’s costume
1970's costume brown sidies
Brown side burns – 1970’s costume
blonde sideburns
Blonde side burns


jumbo elvis
Jumbo Elvis Wig
Disco dude $48 shirt
Gold disco shirt $48

This post is focusing solely on the disco side of Seventies fashion, there are heaps of others we will get to soon!  I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our vintage collection – let me know any other looks from the glorious age of Disco that you remember!

One last outfit!  This bright orange suit is a perfect party starter!

1970s costume orange suit
1970’s costume – orange suit, flared leg