Costumes starting with “A”? Absolutely!

All year long we have (sometimes stressed) customers looking for a costume starting with the letters of their names, the letters of the birthday boy/girl or even combos of engaged people’s initials!

Since we have been doing this for so many years now, we have run the gauntlet of this task many times before.  So I thought we could share some the ideas we have seen over the last couple of decades of costume foolery!

Starting, of course, at the beginning with “A”!

Costume ideas – Starting with “A”

  • ABBA – Agnitha, Benny, Bjorn, Frida – variety of white, silver, blue and red 1970’s clothes with appropriate wigs.
  • Abby (NCIS) – lab coat, tartan miniskirt, black t-shirt, black and studded accessories, black wig with fringe and ponytail, lots of tattoos, striped socks
  • Abraham Lincoln –  black frock coat tails suit with black pants, black top hat, wig, beard
  • Absolutely Fabulous:  Eddie – 80’s tragic designer style with red curly wig,  Patsy – 80’s biker chick or designer style with blonde beehive, ciggies and booze bottle,
  • Absinthe Fairy – gorgeous green fairy dress, green glitter fairy wings, green garland, glitter makeup.
  • Academic/Judge – black robes with academic shawl, hat/ black pants, white shirt, black robe, white shirt, barrister’s or judge wig
  • Academy Award – Gold morf suit
  • Acropolis Now – “Effie”  tight 1980’s Glamour clothes, huge teased brown wig, heaps of make-up, heaps of gold jewellery
  • ACDC – Angus Young – School uniform, shorts, velvet jacket or school shirt, tie tie, shaggy brown wig, school cap
  • Ace Ventura – Pet Detective – loud shorts, Hawaiian shirt and quiff hair – add pink tutu if desired
  • AeroSmith 1980’s Glamour Rock flared and tight pants, studs, belts, scarves, ripped/singlet top/vest/frock coat, flicked brown wig
  • Acrobat/Circus performer – see Muscle Man as well – Acrobat is showgirl type leotard/tights, optional muscle shirt if a male, jungle person tunic, tattoos etc
  • Action Man – camo uniform – see Army
  • Adam Ant – Pirate shirt, pirate coat, black pants, scarves hanging off belt, bracelets, white stripe across nose, mullet/black hair with plaits hanging off
  • Adams Family:     Morticia – black dress with draped sleeves, long and slinky, long black wig – white makeup, heavy eye make-up and red lipstick

Gomez –  pinstripe black suit with whites stripe, white shirt, black tie, cigar, moustache.

Wednesday Adams – black dress with white collar and cuffs, black plaits wig

Lurch – black formal suit, white shirt, Frankenstein mask.

Uncle Fester – Great coat or monks robe worn with bald head wig

  • Admiral – military style uniform and hat
  • Aerobics Fan – leotards, tights, sweatbands, headbands and 80’s wig.
  • AFL Player – Footy players/supporters colours
  • African man – Masculine kaftan
  • African lady/queen – Kaftan with head wrapping
  • Agent 99 (Get Smart) – Retro dress, wear with brown bobbed wig plus small hat, gloves etc
  • Agent Smith (Matrix) – Black business suit, white shirt, black tie, black glasses
  •  Air Hostess: sexy stretchy minidress with scarf and hat
  • Airline Pilot: vintage navy wool blend jacket with insignia, navy pants, blue shirt, blue tie, blue vintage hat
  • Al Capone – variety of gangster suits – see Gangsters
  • Aladdin – top, vest, baggy pants, sash, turban etc
  • Albert Einstein – Lab coat plus scruffy grey hair wig
  • Ali G – Yellow tracksuit with black trim, heaps of gold jewellery, glasses
  • Alexander the Great – see Gladiators
  • Alfred Hitchcock – black suit, bald head
  • Alfred from “Batman” – Formal shirt, French cuffs, cuff-links, vest, bow-tie, grey wig
  • Ali Baba – top, vest, baggy pants, sash and hat – or see Aladdin
  • Alice in Wonderland:  blue floral top, blue petticoat skirt, white apron, blonde wig, blue head band,  or blue dress with lace up adjustable back, white bodice with white apron, black bow headband etc
  • ..
  • Alice Cooper – black cape, heavy metal t-shirt, worn with jeans or black pants, black studded bits, gravediggers hat
  • Altar Boy – Red robes, white shirt
  • Amadeus/Courtier:  Gold cutaway frock coat, breeches, ruffled shirt/cravat, tricorn hat, court wig available
  • Amazonian Chief – witch doctor style costume with grass skirt, fur vest, feathered headdress, bone jewellery
  • Amelia Earhart – jodhpurs, pvc bomber jacket, aviator cap and goggles
  • American Civil Way uniform – Confederate or Union uniform
  • Amidala, Queen – red robes, red collar with gold embroidery, headdress, white face make-up
  • Amigo – see Mexican
  • Amy Winehouse – Black beehive wig with flowers, tight skirt, tiny top, big heels, tattoo sleeves or stick ons
  • Amphlett, Chrissy – School girl uniform with red wig
  • Angelica “Pirates of the Caribbean” – Pirate Lass pants, shirt, vest, long brown curly hair, boots, sword etc
  • Angry Anderson – Denim vest/punk t-shirt/vest, bald head, heaps of tattoos
  • Anne Boleyn – Medieval gown with hanging sleeves, dark straight wig
  • Anakin Skywalker – black tunic top, black PVC or leather shoulder pelmets, brown breeches, black boots or boot covers with buckles, black cape, black gloves
  • Animal “The Muppets”
  • Ancient Greek/Ancient Roman – also see Cleopatra/Gladiators: White gown with gold trim, cream and wine gown with attached draping, head cord etc
  • Annie – red knee-length dress with white collar, red curly hair
  • Andy Warhol – Straight white short-haired wig, 1970’s flared pants, shirt/vest/jacket, large dark 1970’s glasses
  • Angel White corset, white lace top, white long satin skirt, white gloves, wings plus halo
  • Angel dress
  • Ann Margaret –  see Retro dresses, add red straight wig
  • Anne Bonney (Pirate Queen) – see Pirate Lasses…..
  • Annie  Oakley – “Annie Get Your Gun” –  see Cowgirl costumes….
  • ANZAC – Historical Army Uniform
  • Auntie Em “Wizard of Oz” – 1940’s style day dress with cotton apron/pinafore, grey hair bun wig
  • Ape – see Gorilla
  • Aphrodite – Goddess of Love – see Ancient
  • Apostle – Arabian Prince robes/cape etc
  • Applegate, Christina  – 1980’s Rock Chick with blonde wig
  • Arab Prince/Arabian – blue and black robe, black cape, black scarf, grey bear
  • Arabian Nights – see Harem Dancer, Sheik, Guard, Genie
  • Aragorn – Black medieval shirt, vest, coat, pants, boots, cape, belts, brown shaggy shoulder length wig
  • Archbishop – Religious robes
  • Archer – see Robin Hood/Aragorn
  • Artist – Paint covered tunic, beret
  • Ariel, the Little Mermaid – see Mermaid
  • Aristos, Surprise Chef – chef uniform
  • Aristotle – see Ancient
  • Army/Army Girl/Army Pin-Up/Foreign Dictator – Army pants, camo jacket, khaki shirt
  • Army – US Marine –  Authentic US Army Marines Uniform – Blazer with badges, pants, shirt, tie, hat
  • Army:  Foreign Dictator style – cream pants, khaki shirt, Pale camo jacket, black military cap, medals, gun belt (optional) – 36” waist
  • Army Pin-Up Girl, army girl top with attached belt and medals, red gloves, collar and hat.
  • Artful Dodger – Oliver Twist – raggedy Urchin clothes
  • Attila the Hun – Wide legged pants, cross-over tunic, shirt, padded vest, sword, sash
  • Arwen – (Lord of the Rings) – midnight velvet gown with red hanging sleeves
  • Astronaut – see Space People
  • A-Team – Mr T – Denim or leather vest, lots of gold chain, mohawk wig
  • Athena – see Ancients
  • Audrey Hepburn – black and white formal dress – white gloves, Audrey wig
  • Aunty Jack
  • Aussie Digger – see Army
  • Austin Powers – Blue velvet pants, blue velvet jacket, white shirt with lace cravat, brown wig, glasses, medallions.
  • Australian Soldier – see Army
  • Autumn Fairy – Brown and green fairy dress, wings, trimmings, garland
  • Avatar – blue bodysuit, brown skirt, plaited wig, beads
  • Avengers – Black Widow, The Thing, Hawk-eye, Spider-man, Venom, Spider-woman, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Wolverine, Thor, Iron-Man, Captain America, She-Hulk, Hulk etc – 101 Characters have been in The Avengers!
  • Aviator – Bomber style leather look jacket, goggles, leather look cap, tight gophers
  • Axe Murderer – blood covered clothes/overalls, executioner mask, axe prop
  • Axel Rose – small to medium – leather pants, metal singlet, black leather look jacket/vest, chains/studs, bandana, red wig.

Phew!  Let’s see how I go keeping motivated to get to the end of the alphabet!  Think I may need a coffee refill!

Masquerade masks at midnight……..

Saloon girl masquerade mask

Everyone loves a Masquerade Ball!  This is a super easy option for a dress up show – it gives lots of choice to the participants – they can either reference the theme simply with a plain mask or go all out with an elaborate ensemble.

Pink satin masquerade mask
Purple satin masquerade mask

Generally, Masquerade Balls in Australia are semi-formal in tone with the addition of co-ordinating ornate masquerade masks.  Bonus points if a couple can co-ordinate their colours and masks!

HERS: Floral ornate laser cut metal masquerade mask
HIS: Black and silver masquerade mask

A Masquerade Ball doesn’t have to be a stressful or overly expensive exercise either.  You can use a formal dress you have worn before, just bling it up a bit with OTT accessories and mask and you are ready to roll.  For fellas, dress shirt and pants, nice shoes and belt – grab a co-ordinating colour mask and your’e done!  Or you can always go more elaborate with a steampunk style mask and accessories like a fob watch.

Steampunk masquerade mask

Metal laser-cut masks

One popular style right now are the metal laser cut options – these are generally a ribbon tie-on and are very lightweight.

Silver metal pink glitter masquerade mask
Black metal butterfly laser cut masquerade mask
Black bat metal laser cut masquerade mask
Simple black metal laser cut butterfly masquerade mask

My favourite at the moment is the new “sunglasses” style which has clear, movable arms so you can wear your mask comfortably and not ruin your make-up!

Black lace feathered masquerade mask

We have a huge range of masks in-store and are happy to ship straight to you – just flick us a quick email with your requirements and we will get straight back to you as soon as possible, or let us know any questions you may have about our range!

Ornate red and gold brocade masquerade mask