Getting Ready for Book Week!!

I can feel it looming!  Book week is coming up fast!  August 20th to 26th – week three of next term in fact – that will come before we know it!  So knowing how harrowing a school costume can be (if your mob is like mine you find the note crumpled in the school bag at 8.15 am or you get told late the night before), I thought I would start early this year, getting ready for the amazing Book Week requirements.

Main Mummy deed of the week – one (relatively) content and costumed child.  Extra points if you read the book that pertains to the costume with your kid!

To that end – I’ve started to match up some popular books with their costume – so the game is they get to take the book and the costume together!  Also, I’ve been brainstorming for easy, comfortable costumes for sale and hire.

Every year I love to see what those vibrant imaginations come up with – kids have so much fun bringing their dress-ups to life.  You can certainly tell when they like their costume and when they don’t! (They can be hard bargainers!)

Easy Peasy Knight 

Books:  Chronicles of Narnia,


The Knight and the Dragon by Tomie dePaola.

Cornelia Funke’s The Princess Knight, with illustrations by Kerstin Meye,

Knight L $39



Jurassic Park.

I’m a Hungry Dinosaur by

Size 10:12 Godzilla $36




Pirates Don’t Change Diapers by Melinda Long

Peter Pan

Pirates of the Caribbean

Skeleton Girl L $24.95

Tattoo piratepirate



Any book featuring a superhero – this is a bit of a contentious category – lots of teachers have sought to discourage or prohibit children from wearing costumes of their favourite superhero.  While I have heard and understand the reasoning I really believe it is better to err and let them wear a superhero costume if that is what is going to be the most sensible thing.  if you are dealing with a reluctant student it could be the one thing that sparks the interest so that they start to love reading.  Sometimes you just need that spark!

Batman $29.50Kid Hulk

Iron Robot $29.50Superhero

Size 10:12 Mario $25

Witches and Wizards


Harry Potter books

Quidditch through the Ages

Hogwarts through the Ages

Wickedest Witch in the World

The Worst Witch books

Lord of the Rings


Skull witch

Fairy & Nursery Tales


Red Riding Hood

Snow White


Sleeping Beauty

Puss in Boots

Size 3-6 Red Riding Hood $30

International Characters:


We are All Born Free – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Pictures

Kid IndianBook week costume

So, this is just a short look at my obsession for the next couple of weeks……….I’ll be sorting costumes and adding photos as we get ready for one of the most hectic weeks in our costume year!  Keep checking back as this site improves and grows along with out little business.  Right now, I need to go and collapse for a while – four days of dress-ups for the local band’s show have just come to an end – phew – while the rest of Port Lincoln is getting primed for the big night down at the yacht club, I will be resting my paint stained, needle pricked hands and checking facebook for photos of the crowd – sleep well all and stay warm!  🙂

PS  Comment and let me know any ideas for great children’s Book Week costumes – love to hear your thoughts!