Heavy Metal Love…….1980’s Rockstar costume!

Unleash your ROCKSTAR!  We have a huge collection of authentic 1980’s rockstar costumes plus lots of accessories, perfect to finish off your heavy metal look!

My mis-spent youth!

My poor girlfriends……….I used to beg to stop by The Venue on Hindley Street on a Saturday night in the 1980’s.

My girls used to hate it, ‘cos they wanted to go onto nightclubs with wealthier men who would buy drinks but I loved hanging out with some (pseudo) and (real) metal heads……….it was the best place at the time to hear some good, old-fashioned metal of the 80’s or a new cover band………..

My friends knew as soon as I got in there I would start to run amuck on the dance floor so we had many arguments and compromises on the street outside to ensure I left in good time……..

White Leather designer Rockstar costume

Eighties Rockstar fashion

Eighties Rock Star fashion was a case of more is more – tighter, louder, more – think Motley Crue, Poison, Whitesnake and Def Leppard for the American white trash influence.  The late 1970’s, early 80’s and beyond saw fantastic DYI fashion from the UK.  There were great fashion moments, not to mention fantastic music by the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Damned, and the whole punk scene in general.  In these photos I have concentrated more on the Glam Rock look……

Red PVC 1980’s Rockstar costume
Black studded Lawless Rebel jacket – 1980’s Rockstar costume

Eighties Rock Star is more concerned with glamour than the UK punk movement.  Both love studs and black leather but use them in different ways.  Eighties Rock Star loves tumbled curls, dreads, sensual hair while UK Punk has love-less spikes, tufts and clumps of hair.

Rock Star is an androgynous term, boy, girl, girl-boy, boy-girl – who knows?  The whole ambiguity is the sexy point.

Silver apocalypse-1980’s Rockstar costume
Pink mullet, pink pvc 1980’s Rockstar costume

This wasn’t a cheap look!  I remember paying crazy prices for the latest designer look of Rock Chick cheapness!

1980’s Rockstar costume – black and silver studs
1980’s Rockstar costume – silver and black sequins

The UK look was much more DIY with lots of creative uses of paint, denim and safety pins/chains/hardware – no laundry required.

It wasn’t a shy look or one for those lacking the self confidence to make an entrance.  One thing those high platform heels did, they made you strut like an empress just to get into a club.

I’ve never really been shy to dress up – I’d rather be overdressed than underdressed any day!  There’s nothing worse than feeling you’ve fallen under the line, and nothing better than feeling you’ve done the best job with what you’ve got to work with!  Nowadays I hear the young girls shriek with laughter when they uncover some of my vintage 80’s wear and yes, we really did used to wear that!

Thank God there weren’t cameras around then to record all our antics!

Rock Star is a pretty popular theme now and easy to nail.  Black leather, PVC, denim, snakeskin or animal prints are all good bases.  Throw on some silver chains, attitude sunglasses and hunt down some studded accessories.

You can’t overdo belts with this look, pair them with armbands, chokers, fingerless gloves and chunky jewellery for a Rock Star appeal.

1980 Rockstar costume
1980’s Rockstar costume – blue velvet bodice, PVC pants

Furry or fringed jackets are great if the weather could be cold, boots with buckles are a practical choice for stomping the dance floor all night, teased wild hair is mandatory.

Let your inner Rock Goddess out!

Glamour Eighties Style – how to get the Eighties look!

Eighties fancy dress shows are always popular and hugely fun!  We constantly have people asking for eighties fashion – when I show it to them they are usually aghast and proclaim things like “I can’t believe people wore that!” and “OMG that is the ugliest thing ever!”

Now I grew up partying in the eighties so let me assure you, at the time we thought massive hair, bold coloured make up, synthetic fabrics, shoulder pads and plastic accessories were the height of fashion – that is, when we weren’t ripping up our clothes, going all Mad Max, or then changing completely for the cotton “I’ve been to Bali” look.

The Eighties was all about excess and the “look” changed constantly and quickly – that was what made it such a fun decade to be fashion conscious in, really no rules went and strict rules applied, all at the same time.

What is really funny now is that some of the trends that the younger generation now associates with the eighties, fluro tutu’s come to mind here, were not really around, not that I saw.  Fluro colours were, but not head to toe fluro outfits generally.   That’s cool though, it’s all fun and we have heaps of options for those who just wanna have fun (equals wear fluro)!  Options now for Eighties fancy dress include lots of fluro such as fluro gloves, pantyhose, tutus, leg warmers and even make-up!

Purple dotted bubble dress - Eighties fancy dress
Purple satin dotted bubbled skirt dress with poodle perm wig and lace gloves
80's red satin ra ra dress
Red satin and lace ra ra dress with pearl details, poodle perm wig

Here are some more examples of real eighties, authentic vintage fashion:

80's white draped dress80's silver ruffle dress80's pink satin tuxedo80's rara80's cotton onesie

Note lots of synthetic fabric!  I think the only remotely natural fabric is the green boiler suit, replete with coloured zips at strategic spots! Everything else is in a shiny, satin, synthetic!  Also, lots of strong colour.

Now, it is getting harder to buy authentic 80’s vintage fashion – it is quite in demand at the moment, especially designer pieces.  Fortunately for Eighties fancy dress shows, there are now heaps of imitation items around as all us Generation X’s have had kids who want to recreate the look (although I can’t figure out why still!).  So, I’ve put together a few outfits from modern items, just to give some inspiration – bear in mind this isn’t exactly how we would have really dressed, it is more what we saw in the music videos that had just debuted……..but oh how we wanted these clothes!

80's pink tutu
Lace top, elastic belt, hot pink tutu, leggings and fluro green leg warmers
80's fluro copy
Fluro yellow net top, beads, orange tulle tutu, pink leggings, hot pink mesh armwear
80's fluro punk
Pink mullet wig, fluro necklaces, black lace singlet top, elastic waist belt, blue leather bodice top, hot pink mesh armwear, dotted ra ra skirt, lots of bangles!
80's fluro skirt
Fluro lace singlet top, studded hip belts, pink wig, pink net skirt, green leg warmers

So it is basically about layers and don’t be shy with colours!  Lots of bangles, lots of beads, and of course those accessories!  Below are some easy options available for purchase – you can throw these on over a couple of singlet tops and leggings, crimp and tease that hair, slap on some over-bright make up and you’re good to go!

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