Peace Babies! Hippy costumes for a groovy night!

I think I was born in the wrong era!  I’ve always thought they had it right in the Hippy Years, from music, ideology to fashion.  One of the best dress up nights you will ever go to is bound to be a Hippy Party!

Hippies range from minidresses, to maxis, from all sorts of materials.  Often there are beautiful details like embroidery and extra features on vintage items – the sort of attention to detail rarely seen in our mass produced market of today.  Hippy fashion entails all things beautiful and bohemian with the craft of different cultures front and centre.

In fact, I met my beautiful husband at Deb’s 1970’s party (as I’ve blogged before!)……he was wearing a huge afro and I didn’t recognise him when I saw him again a few weeks later!

Hippies are a constant item in our little costume shop.  People are always happy to go as a groovy hippy to a 1960’s or 1970’s show.  The look is comfy yet eclectic and you are free to express yourself anyway you feel.

From miniskirts to maxi dresses, this era was characterised by freedom and self expression.








Groovy Baby! It’s a Woodstock party! 1960’s/1970’s Hippies

Hippies are a staple dress-up.  You can never go wrong with a tree-hugging, nature loving, adorable, Woodstock, incense smelling, bohemian Hippy costume.  From authentic items from the 1960’s and 1970’s, to folksy bohemian from more modern times, it is easy to throw together a complete outfit.  Maybe even from your own wardrobe!

All about nature…..

Hippies love nature-inspired fashion.  Items created out of natural products, locally and simple in design, are worn for their utility, not their label.  A fringed suede vest is a timeless hippy piece which comes in and out of magazine trends.  Multicoloured paisley looks great on tunics, tops, pants, sashes and headbands.

Don’t be colour-shy!

Bright colours and lots of contrast are always popular with disco inspired Hippies!

Pink purple flared velvet pants, pink sequin top, pink velvet top, peace sign, velvet cap, dreadlock red curl wig, purple glitter heart shaped sunnies….size small to medium
Hippy flared flower jeans s 14, tie-dye top, fringed faux suede vest, sash, sunnies….size medium
Vintage coloured circle minidress, peace sign necklace, go-go cap, white ringlet wig…size extra small
Hippy pyschadelic striped pants, vintage hot pink ruffled shirt, green fluro vintage vest, peace sign, love-heart purple glitter sunglasses, purple head sash, blonde”Pammy” wig….size small
Vintage Hippy floral pants and top, red dreads wig, large 1970’s sunglasses – small size

Easy accessories to suit!

The best way to jazz up a Hippy costume is to add some on theme accessories.  We have a range of rose coloured round hippy glasses, dark round hippy glasses, peace signs, wigs and more!

Hippy girl costume – available S/M & M/L – $38 – contains dress/tunic, vest with fringing, headband, peace sign
Hippy hose
Hippy Flower Power hose – $12.50


Peace symbol suspenders - $12.50
Peace symbol suspenders – $12.50
Gold rocket man sunglasses $8.50
Round hippy glasses – $6.90
Purple glitter heart shaped sunglasses $7.50
Pink peace sign necklace $3.50