Send in the Clowns! Loved or loathed…..always colourful!

Clowns are the funny bone of the costume world……..(get it!  Sorry, had to!).  They are also super flexile, being able to morph into different categories easily.  You can go from a circus theme to a horror theme with just a few face paint adjustments.  Or just, you know, the end of the night make up!

Large vintage clownMulticoloured Clown

A surprising number of people have clown phobias so they should be used with caution, lest you have crying children at a party – not good!  I have lost count how many have come in the shop and recoiled from the clowns in horror!

Scary clowns!

Which leads us to the latest craze of scaring random people with clown outfits in public places.  Not on!  There is too much potential for disaster here, in my humble opinion!  Either the clown could get hurt or a person could get hurt trying to get away.  Imagine if someone had a heart attack!  Given how many people I see with clown phobias once they come in our shop and see some of the costumes, I don’t think clowns need more of a bad name either.  Let’s just leave the pranks alone guys, or at least at the party where they belong!

Multi Clown

Clowns don’t have to be scary!  Clowns have been around since the 5th Century BC and became an iconic figure from the 1800’s onwards.  Clown associations generally recognised there are actually three main sorts of clowns – white-face, Auguste and Hobo.  We used white-face as our theme for most of these photos.  The Auguste or Red Clown use a red or pink colour in place of the white-face paint.  Hobo clowns feature a beard and white around the eyes and mouth.

Before the advent of the scary clown trope their prime function was to delight, amuse and entertain their audience.  They are known for their playfulness, humour and sense of fun.  Haven’t we all just wanted to run away and join the circus?

Kid Clown

Always unique – vintage clowns

Our collection of clowns has some costumes dating back to about the 1930’s/40’s…… thing about clown costumes, they are always unique and one of a kind!  We are always in the process of clown costume construction – sometimes they get too boisterous!

One of my favourite interpretations is the vintage Dolly clown – something about girly clowns is really intriguing to me!

Vintage Dolly Clown
Vintage Dolly



Clowns costumes can be made by collecting interesting and unique items and combining them in your own way.  Add on bright patches, buttons and accessories.  Rodeo clowns mix with western motifs, plus practical choices that allow them to evade angry livestock.

Make-up is a whole topic of it’s own.  For now I’ll simply state that it is important to use quality face-paint for the best results.  Not only will the colour be more true and intense but there will be less risk of an adverse reaction for the wearer.  We have been selling a good quality range of face paint and supplies since the 1980s – have a look at our shop for more details.

Thanks for reading my blog, I’d love it if you suggested any costume genres you would like to see!

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