Santa’s Little Helpers! Unpacking Christmas costumes…..

It’s that time of year again!  Time to drag out the Christmas decorations!  We start to take Christmas costume bookings thick and fast from this time of year until the last moment!  (Trying so hard to be organised this year!)  It is a huge job, getting all our Santa suits and helpers cleaned and ready, time to knuckle down before the crazy times really hit.  After our last move a lot of our costumes went into storage or to sewing.  This means heaps of unpacking and discovering forgotten treasures!

Mother Christmas or Mrs Claus to you!

Most years we have a few requests for Mrs Claus.  She steps out in a number of different looks, from what I like to term “Hoochy Coochy” Mother Christmas to more, well, matronly attire!  It all depends on the occasion really.  A few demure outfits follow, just to ease into this Christmas thing sedately.

Christmas costume – Modest Mrs Claus – dress, cape, thick belt, white gloves, hat – Medium/Large


Christmas costumes
Satin traditional Mother Christmas costume – small