Party like it’s 1929! Get ready to Charleston in the Roaring Twenties…..

Get ready for a Roaring Twenties night!

“Gatsby believed in the green light….”  The Great Gatsby”,  F Scott Fiztgerald.

If you haven’t read “The Great Gatsby” then you need to go do it!  Such a beautiful  book, melancholic and romantic with glamorous parties thrown in!  Roaring Twenties is a hugely favourite theme and suitable for all sorts of occasions – I’ve seen some beautiful Twenties styling for weddings, 21st birthdays, hen’s nights and 29th birthdays (eg a “Leaving the Twenties!” bash!).  Roaring Twenties shows are even popular for How to Host A Murder dinner show themes.

Girls love Twenties looks – you get to stay glamorous and gorgeous as well as in-theme.  Guys love the ease of a black suit, black and white suit, white suit with coloured accents – what’s to hate about dressing as a Gangster?  If you have a black suit or even black dress pants, black shirt – just add coloured braces, coloured tie, fedora and maybe a Tommy gun.  Easy peasy!

Guys can also wear a tuxedo to channel their inner Jay Gatsby.  We have a large array of vintage tuxedos and accessories to match for the ultimate occasion.

We’ve been adding to our collection of Roaring Twenties costumes lately!

Fringed 1920’s Flapper dress

I just can’t help myself – I am obsessed by the gorgeous fashion of this time.  Now, the modern remakes are not historically accurate but still fun to wear!

Sequin Razzle Dazzle Flapper dress


Hot pink wig, feather headband, fringed Flapper dress
Sliver fringed Roaring Twenties flapper dress
Roaring Twenties bias cut evening gown, fur stole, gloves, long beads, beaded snood

Roaring Twenties shows are easy for guests of all ages to wear.  Over the years we have helped with countless Twenties shows and dressed up partiers from the age of 8 to 88 years!  We can always find something to stay in theme and stay in comfort for the whole night through – after all, a good party can mean to long party!

We have all the accessories needed to put the finishing touch on any Flapper or Gangster outfit.

From feather boas, to cigarette holders, to gloves, feather headbands and glitter lashes……..we have all sorts of items for a complete look.  Check out our store coming soon online or just send an email with any enquiries!

red deluxe boa

Black deluxe boa


long red gloves