When you have to dress as an “E”: Costumes that start with “E”

Costumes that start with “E”

Wowsers, this one was hard!

  • Easter Bunny – see Rabbit
  • Edina – from “Absolutely Fabulous” – Red ringlet style wig with awful designer style 1980’s wear
  • Effie – also see Cocktail Dresses and Eighties
  • Egyptian King – tunic with ornate belt, collar and headpiece – sandals
  • Egyptian Queen – see Cleopatra
  • Eighteen Century Aristocrat – see Amadeus/Courtier
  • Eighties Poodle Perm Girl – see Cocktail Dresses and below
  • Costumes that Start with "E"
    Eighties Glamour Girl
  • Elephant – furry elephant suit in grey fur
  • Costumes that start with "E"
    Elephant costume
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine – Queen of both England and France in 11th Century – see Queens and Ballgowns
  • Elizabeth the First – the Virgin Queen – jewelled gown with large collar, shortish red wig.
  • Elf – variety of elf tunics with stripey tights, pointed elf shoes, pointy elf ears
  • Elton John – stage outfit
  • Elvira – black slinky dress, gloves, wig
  • Enchantress – see Witch
  • Elvis – either signature white suit with cape or black vinyl pvc suit – in a pinch use a Hawaiian shirt – pair all with classic Elvis wig and lots of goldtone bling
  • Costumes that start with "E"
  • Emo – black and ripped clothing, flannels, denim – dark straggle fringe wig, goth make-up
  • Eric the Viking – see Vikings
  • Eskimo – fur lined tunic etc
  • Esmerelda – see Gypsy
  • Eve – bodysuit with flower bikini etc, long hair wig, flower garland for hair.
  • Evil Fairy – black and gauze fairy with black wings
  • Evil Kenevil – stunt man outfit with gold cape
  • Evil Queen – black queenly garb
  • Evil Stepmother – as above
  • Evil, Doctor – see Doctor Evil – grey long sleeved tunic and pants, wear with a bald head wig
  • Executioner – Black robes or viking/barbarian attire, worn with black hooded mask and axe

Still there are heaps of great “E” characters to consider!  Please be sure to leave a comment if there are any I have forgotten!


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