Disney inspired!

The magic of Disney is loved by young and old!

All year around we get requests for Disney inspired costumes and it’s super easy to come with some fantastic looks!

Below I’ve collected some of our favourite characters for inspiration. Can you think of any I’ve forgotten? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Snow White

The sweet Snow White is always a fab choice and there are many variations of her signature look.

Alice in Wonderland

Love all things Alice in Wonderland! There are so many versions of all its vibrant characters costumes, you can tweak this your way! We all need to have a Red Queen tantrum from time to time…….

Peter Pan

We all know someone just like the leading authority on the boy who never grew up!

From Peter and the Lost Boys, to that mischievous character Tinkerbelle, there are an abundance of costume ideas from here. Captain Hook is also a popular character!

That pesky mouse

He turns up everywhere! This little lass at the Tunarama parade was so excited to see him she joined the parade for nearly half a kilometre!

All those princesses!

We all love an excuse to frock up and prance like a princess! There’s sure to be a Princess that suits your mood.

So many choices! Whichever you choose enjoy creating a bit of magical memories for your friends and family at the party!

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