Costumes starting with “H”!

Costumes starting with “H”!

All through the year we have customers getting ready for alphabetically themed parties!  Costumes starting with “H” is a great one, there are heaps of ideas!  Can you think of any to add to our list?  Please feel free to add to the comments below!

  • Hannibal Lecter  – restraint jacket with face guard or orange prisoner suit with mouth restraint
  • Hamlet – medieval tunic with hose, cape, hat etc
  • Han Solo – Navy pants with red trim down sides, light yellow shirt, black vest with pockets, blaster with holster
  • Hangman – Black tunic, black pants, black cape, black executioners mask plus axe
  • Hansel – German or Austrian man costume, shorts with shirt and hat
  • Happy Days – 1950’s guys – 1950’s style shirts, neat hair, jeans turned up at cuffs or neat slacks, dark brown leather jacket for Fonz
  • Hare – see rabbit
  • Harem Girl – see Belly Dancer
  • Harem Guard – vest, shirt, baggy pants, turban, sash and sword
  • Harlequin Clown – diamond print leotard with ruffle collar – see Clowns
  • Harlot – old fashioned prostitute, usually Victorian, can also be a Jack the Ripper victim
  • Hawaiian Dancer/Shirt – print shirt or dress, hula grass skirt, flowers etc
  • Hunch Back of Notre Dame – medieval peasant but add a hunch back (pillow)
  • Hunter – see Robin Hood
  • Harry Potter – black rimmed glasses, black robe, lightening scar on forehead, Harry Potter Hat
  • Helen of Troy – wife of King Menelaus and supposed to be the most beautiful woman in Greece, eloped with Paris and caused Trojan war – see Ancients
  • Hawkeye (MASH) – see Army – combine with grey hair and check dressing gown
  • Heavy Metal Rockstar/Punks – glam rockers with leather, denim (tight only) or bright leotards, lots of black punk studded gear, belts, sashes, fringing, boots – mane of hair mandatory
  • Heidi – see Beer Girl or alpine traditional type dress with pigtails
  • He-Man, Master of the Universe – can use muscle bodysuit or loin cloth/harness with studded braces etc, blonde bob wig, fake tan
  • Henry the Eighth –  Velvet tunic, fur collar, velvet cape, leggings, boots, gold jewelery
  • Hera (wife of Zeus) – Ancients tunic with gold hair garland
Costumes starting with
Hera – Costumes starting with “H”!
  • Hercules – see Gladiator – Tunic with cape, hair garland or warrior chest etc
  • Hiawatha (Indian Princess) – see Indian Maid
  • Highlander – see Scottish – Scottish kilt, wrap, medieval shirt, fur vest, blue facepaint
  • Highway Man – All black garb with mysterious hooded cloak, gun and sword, boots, eyemask
  • Hillbillies – torn denim and flannels, mullets, shotguns and jugs of moonshine
  • Hilton, Paris – designer label everything, miniskirt, long blonde wig, small dog, designer purse, oversized glasses, bling bling
  • Hilton, Paris, in Jail – orange jumpsuit with long blonde wig
  • Hippy – tie-dye everything, Hemp clothing, 1970’s vintage wear, lots of love beads, peace signs, long hair, headbands, face-paint etc
  • Hooker – over the top lycra and skimpy wear with huge hair plus fetish type accessories, sexy cop/handcuffs etc
  • Horny Devil – see Devil
  • Horror Bride – see Zombie Bride – dyed ragged wedding dress, black roses and blood spatters, wild teased hair and zombie style makeup
  • Hot Pants “Mash” – tight khaki pants and shirt, blonde 1970’s flick wig
  • Hotdog – One Size Fits Most – padded suit
Costumes starting with
Hotdog – Costumes starting with “H”!
  • Huck Finn – Hillbilly clothes, add straw hat
  • Hugh Hefner – satin pyjamas and bathrobe, captain hat, short grey wig 
  • Hulk – Green muscle bodysuit, green hulk mask or body paint – purple shorts
  • Hustler – see Pimp
  • Hulk Hogan – yellow and red lycra top, shorts, blonde wig, red bandana 
  • Hobbit – White shirt, vest, pants, hobbit feet, brown cape, messy brown wig
  • Horse Rider – see Jockey
  • Hagar the Horrible – see Vikings
  • Hendrix, Jimi – psychedelic hippy plus black fro and guitar

Phew!  I’m all out of inspiration after that lot!  Have I missed any?  Please feel free to add any of your own ideas in the comments below!

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