Costumes starting with “I”?

This is a really hard one!  I struggled to think of Costumes starting with “I”…….once on a roll though I did manage a few that are fairly cool!  I like the idea of an Indiana Jones type character and Bollywood costumes are always gorgeous!  Let me know if you can think of ideas I have missed out on, just leave a comment and if I can I’ll add it in!

  • Incredibles, Dash, Violet, Jack-Jack, Mr and Mrs
  •  Intergalactic Being – any space type costume or space character (only maybe stretching it here but it might fit the bill!
  • Indiana Jones – cream/khaki pants, shirt, brown leather jacket, leather satchel, brown hat, brown belt, whip
  • Inuit – see Eskimo
  • Irish Leprechaun – green tailcoat, breeches, vest, cravat, green top hat
  • Irish Dancer – see Beer Girl
  • IronMan – also known as Iron Robot!
  • Indian, Bollywood – See Bollywood
  • Indian Maharajah – see Bollywood
  • Ivanhoe – see Knight

So I’m slogging through the alphabet with the goal of getting through before party season kicks off again for the year and the birthday parties begin for 2018! If you can think of any costumes starting with an “I” that I haven’t thought of please comment below!

Disney inspired!

The magic of Disney is loved by young and old!

All year around we get requests for Disney inspired costumes and it’s super easy to come with some fantastic looks!

Below I’ve collected some of our favourite characters for inspiration. Can you think of any I’ve forgotten? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Snow White

The sweet Snow White is always a fab choice and there are many variations of her signature look.

Alice in Wonderland

Love all things Alice in Wonderland! There are so many versions of all its vibrant characters costumes, you can tweak this your way! We all need to have a Red Queen tantrum from time to time…….

Peter Pan

We all know someone just like the leading authority on the boy who never grew up!

From Peter and the Lost Boys, to that mischievous character Tinkerbelle, there are an abundance of costume ideas from here. Captain Hook is also a popular character!

That pesky mouse

He turns up everywhere! This little lass at the Tunarama parade was so excited to see him she joined the parade for nearly half a kilometre!

All those princesses!

We all love an excuse to frock up and prance like a princess! There’s sure to be a Princess that suits your mood.

So many choices! Whichever you choose enjoy creating a bit of magical memories for your friends and family at the party!

Costumes starting with “H”!

Costumes starting with “H”!

All through the year we have customers getting ready for alphabetically themed parties!  Costumes starting with “H” is a great one, there are heaps of ideas!  Can you think of any to add to our list?  Please feel free to add to the comments below!

  • Hannibal Lecter  – restraint jacket with face guard or orange prisoner suit with mouth restraint
  • Hamlet – medieval tunic with hose, cape, hat etc
  • Han Solo – Navy pants with red trim down sides, light yellow shirt, black vest with pockets, blaster with holster
  • Hangman – Black tunic, black pants, black cape, black executioners mask plus axe
  • Hansel – German or Austrian man costume, shorts with shirt and hat
  • Happy Days – 1950’s guys – 1950’s style shirts, neat hair, jeans turned up at cuffs or neat slacks, dark brown leather jacket for Fonz
  • Hare – see rabbit
  • Harem Girl – see Belly Dancer
  • Harem Guard – vest, shirt, baggy pants, turban, sash and sword
  • Harlequin Clown – diamond print leotard with ruffle collar – see Clowns
  • Harlot – old fashioned prostitute, usually Victorian, can also be a Jack the Ripper victim
  • Hawaiian Dancer/Shirt – print shirt or dress, hula grass skirt, flowers etc
  • Hunch Back of Notre Dame – medieval peasant but add a hunch back (pillow)
  • Hunter – see Robin Hood
  • Harry Potter – black rimmed glasses, black robe, lightening scar on forehead, Harry Potter Hat
  • Helen of Troy – wife of King Menelaus and supposed to be the most beautiful woman in Greece, eloped with Paris and caused Trojan war – see Ancients
  • Hawkeye (MASH) – see Army – combine with grey hair and check dressing gown
  • Heavy Metal Rockstar/Punks – glam rockers with leather, denim (tight only) or bright leotards, lots of black punk studded gear, belts, sashes, fringing, boots – mane of hair mandatory
  • Heidi – see Beer Girl or alpine traditional type dress with pigtails
  • He-Man, Master of the Universe – can use muscle bodysuit or loin cloth/harness with studded braces etc, blonde bob wig, fake tan
  • Henry the Eighth –  Velvet tunic, fur collar, velvet cape, leggings, boots, gold jewelery
  • Hera (wife of Zeus) – Ancients tunic with gold hair garland
Costumes starting with
Hera – Costumes starting with “H”!
  • Hercules – see Gladiator – Tunic with cape, hair garland or warrior chest etc
  • Hiawatha (Indian Princess) – see Indian Maid
  • Highlander – see Scottish – Scottish kilt, wrap, medieval shirt, fur vest, blue facepaint
  • Highway Man – All black garb with mysterious hooded cloak, gun and sword, boots, eyemask
  • Hillbillies – torn denim and flannels, mullets, shotguns and jugs of moonshine
  • Hilton, Paris – designer label everything, miniskirt, long blonde wig, small dog, designer purse, oversized glasses, bling bling
  • Hilton, Paris, in Jail – orange jumpsuit with long blonde wig
  • Hippy – tie-dye everything, Hemp clothing, 1970’s vintage wear, lots of love beads, peace signs, long hair, headbands, face-paint etc
  • Hooker – over the top lycra and skimpy wear with huge hair plus fetish type accessories, sexy cop/handcuffs etc
  • Horny Devil – see Devil
  • Horror Bride – see Zombie Bride – dyed ragged wedding dress, black roses and blood spatters, wild teased hair and zombie style makeup
  • Hot Pants “Mash” – tight khaki pants and shirt, blonde 1970’s flick wig
  • Hotdog – One Size Fits Most – padded suit
Costumes starting with
Hotdog – Costumes starting with “H”!
  • Huck Finn – Hillbilly clothes, add straw hat
  • Hugh Hefner – satin pyjamas and bathrobe, captain hat, short grey wig 
  • Hulk – Green muscle bodysuit, green hulk mask or body paint – purple shorts
  • Hustler – see Pimp
  • Hulk Hogan – yellow and red lycra top, shorts, blonde wig, red bandana 
  • Hobbit – White shirt, vest, pants, hobbit feet, brown cape, messy brown wig
  • Horse Rider – see Jockey
  • Hagar the Horrible – see Vikings
  • Hendrix, Jimi – psychedelic hippy plus black fro and guitar

Phew!  I’m all out of inspiration after that lot!  Have I missed any?  Please feel free to add any of your own ideas in the comments below!

Searching the Pattern Box for inspiration!

Sometimes you just need to take a break from all the “have to do”‘s on your list and just imagine something gorgeous!  Today was one of those clean up days.  Time to sort some dress making patterns back into their packets, but a great chance to dream!  I love having a look through dress making patterns, imagining the material I would use and the changes you could make to make it your own.


This great 1950’s pattern from Vogue features a tailored pencil skirt and matching jacket – so chic!


This gorgeous pattern from the 1960’s features long and shorter formal dresses with a formal coat to match.


From the funky 1970’s, this pant suit could look great in some wild colour combos!


Can’t forget the kids!  I love the flared leg overalls but I doubt my darlings will let me inflict a matching set on them – I can dream!


One of my favourite pattern series is the American Designers series from Vogue in the 1970’s.  Above is a killer Bill Blass Americana skirt set.


This pant set pattern by Yves Saint Laurent would create a wonderful disco outfit with the right sparkly fabric.


This glamorous maxi-dress design by Bill Blass would look gorgeous with the right fabric to create the flowing effect.

We’ll be adding more pattern photos to build up our reference library over the next little time period.  We are currently in a bit of a clean-up phase with lots of costumes being sorted from storage.  It’s a busy time of year for us with lots of parties and a lot of bulk orders coming and going.

While it is so busy it is almost impossible for any projects of my own choice.   I can only sort my dress making patterns and dream of the creations I could make, given time and space.  For now, time to muse!

Santa’s Little Helpers! Unpacking Christmas costumes…..

It’s that time of year again!  Time to drag out the Christmas decorations!  We start to take Christmas costume bookings thick and fast from this time of year until the last moment!  (Trying so hard to be organised this year!)  It is a huge job, getting all our Santa suits and helpers cleaned and ready, time to knuckle down before the crazy times really hit.  After our last move a lot of our costumes went into storage or to sewing.  This means heaps of unpacking and discovering forgotten treasures!

Mother Christmas or Mrs Claus to you!

Most years we have a few requests for Mrs Claus.  She steps out in a number of different looks, from what I like to term “Hoochy Coochy” Mother Christmas to more, well, matronly attire!  It all depends on the occasion really.  A few demure outfits follow, just to ease into this Christmas thing sedately.

Christmas costume – Modest Mrs Claus – dress, cape, thick belt, white gloves, hat – Medium/Large


Christmas costumes
Satin traditional Mother Christmas costume – small