Avast me hearties!! Rock that pirate wench costume!

“Take what you can – give nothing back!”  Get ready for Halloween with a sexy pirate wench costume!

I’m still feeling the pirate vibe and having heaps of fun hunting, gathering and sewing all sorts of pirate wench outfits together.

I really should get onto the fellas and create some pirates but I am having so much fun with the ladies garb right now!  I love the mix of feminine ruffles and lace with rugged leather and pirate swords.

Red full pirate wench

The first costume is using a saloon girl skirt, gypsy scarf and renaissance velvet bodice/vest.  I’ve accompanied the skirt with a flouncy white blouse, headscarf, two leather belts, steampunk inspired fingerless gloves, pirate cutlass, black ringlet wig, skull and cross bones necklace with a couple of beaded pirate hairpieces………..phew!

Pirate wench front red small

Pirate hair beads!

The pirate hair beads are made by hand from a selection of various beads and coins.   We sell these instore or via email – they can be attached to hair, to dreadlocks or to scarves and clothing.  They are heaps of fun to make if you have the time and patience!

Pirate wenches always manage to flaunt some racy undergarments.  The next costume utilises a gorgeous maroon and black lace bodice with a white cotton undershirt for a bit of modesty!

Lace bustier pirate wench small

I’ve also layered a petticoat with a torn overskirt, plus a couple of scarves, leather belt, necklaces, steampunk style gloves and a pirate sword……

Medium pirate wenchMaroon top medium pirate wench

Here, a ruffled satin shirt combines with an under bust corset and full ruffled skirt.  There is also a leather belt, sword, gloves, scarf headband and necklaces.  Pirate wench costumes are easy to create and heaps of fun!

This fun look is easy to put together, not to mention flattering and super-cute!  Pirate shows are always great fun.   People tend to get naughty when dressed as a ne-er-do-well pirate character!  And breaking into pirate lingo is always a great ice-breaker.   Time to brush up on your pirate speak and practice your “Arrrrrr!”

Drink up me hearties!
Side pirate wench small

Yo ho, Yo ho….A pirate’s life for me!

Arrrr me hearties………we are all pirate inspired right nowso making lots of breeches, frilling up some shirts and finding all our corsets and fripperies.  We are ready for some good old fashioned, bodice ripping, pirate wench costumes!  Same as for the male version, the secret to a good pirate wench costume is all about the layering.


Layers of fun!

Lots of gorgeous layers of both functional and purely fashionable clothing are the go.  These ladies lived a mobile life and picked things up on the go.  A pirate lass needs to be able to fasten their tankard to their side and whip out their sword, while stomping the deck in their distressed boots.  A wide hat helps cut out the sea glare.   That coat they stole last time they plundered an English trade ship helps to cut the cold sea wind.

Pirate wench mini

Pirate lassies are an enigma of the exotic, combining flirty with functional.   Many belts and scarves provide plenty of nooks and crannies to hide a stash as well as add pizzazz. The undergarment of a flimsy blouse has a contrast tough leather jerkin or a plundered jacket slung across her shoulders.

Skirts can be ruffled petticoats, full and layered or short and tattered.  Breeches are another option open to our heroines, conventional female attire be damned!

Pirate brocade jacket  Pirate wench red vest

All those little extras…

Great extras are lace up boots, swashbuckling trims, colourful stockings and garters or even leg holsters for that hidden stiletto blade.

Jack Sparrow wench

Pirate shows tend to be loud and boisterous affairs so make sure you dress for fun and stomping.  From Pirate parties to How to Host a Murder shows – pirates tend to talk in lingo and drink heartily with plenty of cliched sayings to assist.

pink pirate wench

We have plenty of various costumes for sale or hire plus all the accessories to complete your pirate look.  Whether it is a full outfit or just wig, hat, scarf, eye-patch or sword, there are so many options for this theme.  You can go all-out or just reference it easily with simple accessories.

Pirate buccaneer $25
Sweet Buccaneer costume $25
Pirate dress $25
Pirate Wench dress, scarf and armbands $25
Glamour Ringlet Wig $23
Glamour Ringlet Wig $23
Pirate skull ring $3.90
Skull ring $3.90
Black and red stripey tights $10.50 One Size

 So Shiver Me Timbers and pass the bottle of rum – Enter if Ye Dare!