Book Week 2016! “Australian Story” ideas!

Yep it is here!  Count down time as we fly through Book Week 2016 in a flurry of costume madness!

Salute to some very creative Mums out there.  I’ve heard a few ideas that never crossed my mind before this week!  I’ve been wracking it for inspiration to fit in with this years theme of “Australian Story”! E.g. Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie or Mary Mackillop.

Her story…….Colonial pioneers

Some costumes fit the theme and are easily made.  These are easily linked to lots of great kids books with colonial characters.  For girls there are heaps of great books including “Emma’s Journal:  The Story of a Colonial Girl” or the Her Story series.  For boys you could try “The Wild Colonial Boys:  Australia’s Most Notorious Bushrangers”.

A colonial girl costume can be put together with a floral cotton gown or skirt and top, apron or pinafore and mob cap.

Small Colonial Girl

Small Colonial Lady Small Colonial dress

Small Floral Colonial dress


Bushrangers and Colonial boys

Dastardly bushrangers can be easily down with a shirt, vest, hat, gun-belt or two and a bandana.    Our modern bushrangers no doubt smell a lot fresher than the originals!

Outlaw costume

A colonial gent is a similar approach, just slightly upmarket version, possibly with a tail coat.  (The two featured have been made from combining two coats into one to make the “tail”).  This style would be easiest to fit a taller child as you should be able to source small male formal wear much easier than children’s formal wear (in my op shop experience anyway!).

Colonial Man costume

Colonial Man Grey

There is also a plethora of great children’s books with our beautiful fauna the main feature.  Look for books about koalas, kangaroos, lizards, parrots, black cockatoos, white cockatoos, emu, wallaby, dingos, or snakes.

One of my favourites in store is the Green Tree Frog…..not sure why it was made from green fur but just flow with it!

Green Tree Frog

A couple more of my favourites include the Chicken family and fluffy Penguin.

Chicken costume Rooster costume

Penguin costume

Australian armed forces, nurses, police uniforms are another option.   These fit well with many of the shortlisted books for 2016.

Book Week can seem stressful but it is a great opportunity to help your child get excited about the wonderful world of books.  Take the time out to relax and read with your child, they are only little for such a short time!

While it is great to reference an Australian character if possible, any book character costume is always welcome during Book Week!

Other Australian characters I can think of include:

  • A Drover,
  • A Swaggie,
  • Steve/Bindi Irwin,
  • Don Bradman,
  • A wombat,
  • Captain Cook

Can you think of others?

However the costume turns out, whether it is a store bought fantasy or held together with duct tape and love, have a great Book Week!