Costumes starting with “G”? Golly gosh!

Costumes starting with “G”?  Golly gosh!

So all year round there are parties where you have to go as something starting with “?”…….G seems like a hard one until you have a think about it!  I can think of these, are there any I have missed?  Please comment below!

  • Gaga, Lady – myriad of looks, many with long white hair or platinum blonde, signature looks include meat dress and space age leotards

Costumes starting with "G"

  • Galadriel (Lord of the Rings) – long white and flowing dress, long blonde hair, coronet (silver tiara)
  • Gambler/Maverick – dress shirt with ornate vest, black pants, panama hat or top hat, gold jewellery, pack of cards
  • Gandalf the Grey – grey robes, grey hat, white beard and hair
  • Gandalf the White – white robes, white hat, white beard and hair, staff
  • Gangster, 1920s – slick suit in dark colours or pinstripe, satin shirt, tie, braces, fedora hat, spats or two-colour shoes, moustache/slick hair, gangster gun optional

Costumes starting with "G"Costumes starting with "G"

Costumes starting with "G"
Gangster: Costumes starting with “G”!
  • Gangster Goil/Moll/Queen – see 1920’s Flappers/Roaring twenties or a dark pinstripe suit as per Gangster
  • Garden Fairy – green and natural tone fairy dress, wings, headdress
  • Gatsby, James – white or pale suit, boater hat, lots of style
  • Gecko – Green suit, shoes, headpiece
  • Geisha Girl – traditional kimono garb with geisha wig
  • General Custer – blue Union style civil war uniform, blonde wig and beard set
  • Gene Simmons – KISS
  • Genie – Harem girl costume – harem pants, bodice etc
  • German Beer Girl – see Beer Girl – traditional Drindl style dress with blouse
  • German Beer Boy – Lederhosen with white shirt and hat
  • Geronimo – see Indian costumes
  • Ghoul – tattered ghost/zombie clothing
  • Ghoul Bride – see Zombie Bride
  • GI Jane – see Army
  • GI Joe – see Army
  • Gimli – Dwarf warrior from Lord of the Rings
  • Gladiator – Roman tunic worn with warrior accessories, belt, bracers, armbands, leg bands, helmet, sandals, sword and shield
  • Glam Rocker – 1980’s glam rock, big hair, lots of leather, lace, sashes, studs, denim, accessories, too much is not enough
  • Glee – American cheerleaders/preppies with signature logos
  • Glinda – the Good Witch of the South from Wizard of Oz – light pink full skirt ball gown with lots of sequins and glitter, large crown, strawberry blonde wig, star wand
  • Gnome – pants, braces, top, gnome hat, beard and white hair wig
  • Goblin – ugly and warty gnome, usually with green skin
  • Godfather, the – tuxedo with red rose in lapel
  • Go Go Girl – see Retro Minidress
  • Goddess – see Ancients
  • Goldfish
  • Goldilocks – fairy tale frock with long golden blonde wig
  • Good Fairy – usually pink or pale coloured dress with wings, star wand
  • Gomez, Adams Family – Black pinstriped suit with thin moustache and slicked black hair
  • Gorilla – furry suit, mask, hands and feet
  • Goth – all black garb, some punk stuff, goth style wig and makeup
Costumes starting with "G"
Goth girl: Costumes starting with “G”!
  • Goth Bride – also see Zombie Bride – Black/grey wedding dress, veil, makeup, black wig, black or blood roses bouquet
  • Goth Fairy – Black shredded dress, black wings, headpiece
  • Graduate –Gown, cowl and hat
  • Grease – see Pink Ladies, Thunderbirds, etc
  • Costumes starting with "G"
      “Grease” Costumes starting with “G”!
  • Granny Wolf – old fashioned nightie, shawl, furry hands and feet, wolf mask, bonnet
  • Grass Skirts – see Hawaii also
  • Gravedigger – dark robes, top hat or hooded cape
  • Greek, Ancient – see Ancients
  • Greek, Spartan – see Gladiator
  • Green Lantern – green lantern suit
  • Green Tree Frog
Costumes starting with "G"
Green Tree Frog: Costumes starting with “G”!
  • Gretel – see Beer girl
  • Grim Reaper – see Death
  • Grinch, the – Green furry legs, Santa jacket, Grinch mask, Santa hat
  • Grizzly Adams – Frontier man garb, blonde hair and wig, stuffed bear?
  • Groover 1970’s – see Disco
Costumes starting with "G"
Groover: Costumes starting with “G”

Costumes starting with "G"

  • Groom – see Bridesgroom
  • Gryfinndor Student from Harry Potter
  • Gunslinger – see Cowboy
  • Gwenivere – see Princess
  • Gypsy Girl/Gypsy King/Fortune teller – Gypsy inspired garb, full skirts, shawls, scarf, gold jewellery, ornate vests

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some!  Please write any suggestions in the comments below!

Dressed as an “F”?

Dressed as an “F”?  Yep, could be seen as a hard one – you have to go dressed as something starting with the letter F?  Resisting the obvious urge here I’ve thought of the following….

Can you think of any I’ve forgotten?

  • Fabian – long flowing blonde hair, swashing buckling clothing, flouncy shirt or bare chest, tight breeches, pirate boots etc
  • Fagin – Oliver Twist character – ragged street wear
  • Fairy/Fairy Princess/Fairy Queen – variety of styles of fairy dresses with wings, flower garlands, flowing hair etc
  • Fairy Godmother – traditionally a pink ball gown with silver details, also sometimes blue hooded robes with pink bow, see Cinderella
  • Fallen Angel – black shredded dress/leotards, black feather wings, bustier et
  • Fame/Flashdance – leotards and leggings
  • Farm Animal – see Cow, Dog, Chicken, Cat
  • Farmer’s Daughter – sexy gingham dress with piggy tails
  • Fat Bastard (Austin Powers) – kilt plus orange wig
  • Father Christmas – see Santa
  • Father Time– traditionally wearing white robes with a scythe and hourglass
  • Felicity Shagwell (Austin Powers) – see Retro Dresses
  • Fred Astaire – tailcoat and top hat
  • French Foreign Legion – Biege safari suit worn with Foreign Legion cap
  • Felon – see Convict/Criminal
  • Fester Adams, also known as Uncle Fester – long grey robe, bald head and bald head with very dark eyes.
  • Fifties Rock n Roll Chicks – huge variety of possible looks from poodle skirts to pedal pushers
  • Fiona, Princess (Shrek)- green velvet dress, green shrek ears, green face and body paint, red plaited wig
  • Fire Fighter – variety of looks, usually red and yellow with hardhat etc
  • Fantastic Four – blue leotard suits with symbols
  • Flight Attendant – see Air Hostess and Stewardess
  • Flamenco Dancer – Spanish flounced dresses
  • Flappers 1920’s – variety of fringed/sequinned/beaded dresses and accessories
  • Flash, The– red suit with headpiece
  • Flower Seller – from My Fair Lady – any sort of Victorian Floozy type costume would work, with a basket full of flowers
  • Flying Nun – see Nuns
  • Fonzie – pegged jeans, brown leather bomber jacket, white t-shirt, dark brown elvis style hair, comb
  • Footman – military style jacket, pants and pillbox hat, handy for Cinderella etc
  • Forest Fairy – fairy with forest theme eg flowers/vines etc
  • Forties Dresses –variety of vintage 1940’s dresses with gloves, stoles, hats etc
  • Fortune Teller – see Gypsy – skirt,top, jewellery etc
  • Foxy Cleopatra – gold disco shorts plus top worn with platforms and large brown afro wig – made famous by Beyonce in Austin Power’s movies.
  • Dressed as an "F"?
    Foxy Cleopatra hair!
  • Frankenfurter – large corset, suspenders, fishnets, jewellery, gloves, boy shorts, curly black wig, heaps of make up, feather boa, high heels
  • Frankenstein – kids large – jacket, pants with built on shoes, mask
  • Fred (Scooby Doo) – White 1970’s shirt, blue flares, red necktie, blonde men’s wig
  • Fred Flintstone – kids large – orange and black tunic, tie and wig
  • Freddie Kruegar – striped red and khaki jumper, beaten up fedora hat, mask and Freddie glove, black pants/jeans
  • French, Dawn – try Vicar of Dibley with bobbed wi
  • French Maid – black and white maids outfit, feather duster etc
  • Frenchy (Grease) – pink or pineapple blonde bee-hive wig, beauty school dropout outfit or Pink Ladies jacket with fifties wear
  • Friar Tuck – see Monk
  • Frodo Baggins – light brown tunic, shirt, leggings, cloak, big feet, shaggy brown wig
  • Frog– green suit with mask
  • Dressed as an "F"?
  • Frontier Man – see Cowboys
  • Dressed as an "F"
    Dressed as an “F” – frontier man


Okay, I’m tapping out here – let me know if you can think of any other “F” costumes!

When you have to dress as an “E”: Costumes that start with “E”

Costumes that start with “E”

Wowsers, this one was hard!

  • Easter Bunny – see Rabbit
  • Edina – from “Absolutely Fabulous” – Red ringlet style wig with awful designer style 1980’s wear
  • Effie – also see Cocktail Dresses and Eighties
  • Egyptian King – tunic with ornate belt, collar and headpiece – sandals
  • Egyptian Queen – see Cleopatra
  • Eighteen Century Aristocrat – see Amadeus/Courtier
  • Eighties Poodle Perm Girl – see Cocktail Dresses and below
  • Costumes that Start with "E"
    Eighties Glamour Girl
  • Elephant – furry elephant suit in grey fur
  • Costumes that start with "E"
    Elephant costume
  • Eleanor of Aquitaine – Queen of both England and France in 11th Century – see Queens and Ballgowns
  • Elizabeth the First – the Virgin Queen – jewelled gown with large collar, shortish red wig.
  • Elf – variety of elf tunics with stripey tights, pointed elf shoes, pointy elf ears
  • Elton John – stage outfit
  • Elvira – black slinky dress, gloves, wig
  • Enchantress – see Witch
  • Elvis – either signature white suit with cape or black vinyl pvc suit – in a pinch use a Hawaiian shirt – pair all with classic Elvis wig and lots of goldtone bling
  • Costumes that start with "E"
  • Emo – black and ripped clothing, flannels, denim – dark straggle fringe wig, goth make-up
  • Eric the Viking – see Vikings
  • Eskimo – fur lined tunic etc
  • Esmerelda – see Gypsy
  • Eve – bodysuit with flower bikini etc, long hair wig, flower garland for hair.
  • Evil Fairy – black and gauze fairy with black wings
  • Evil Kenevil – stunt man outfit with gold cape
  • Evil Queen – black queenly garb
  • Evil Stepmother – as above
  • Evil, Doctor – see Doctor Evil – grey long sleeved tunic and pants, wear with a bald head wig
  • Executioner – Black robes or viking/barbarian attire, worn with black hooded mask and axe

Still there are heaps of great “E” characters to consider!  Please be sure to leave a comment if there are any I have forgotten!


Costume ideas that start with D: D Costumes!

It’s always popular to have a letter themed party!  We are gradually going through our huge collection to list some ideas that might be helpful to those going to a D party!  D costumes!  From Daisy Duke to Dame Edna you are sure to find some inspiration here!

Costumes that start with D:  D Costumes!

  • D’artangnon (The Three Muskateers) – same as other Muskateers, flouncy shirt, cape, bootlettes, sword etc
  • Dad’s Army – army clothes, from the television series based on WWII
  • Daisy Duke – cut off shorts with western shirt tied up
  • Daisy Hillbilly  – cute gingham dress or denim shorts outfit with piggy tail hair
  • Dallas/Dynasty – selection of 1980’s dresses with wigs – see Cocktail
  • Dame Edna – 1970’s maxi dress with wig, glasses, beads and flowers – see below plus Maxi’s
  • Damsel – selection of medieval gowns – see Princess/Queen
  • Dancer – Ballarina costume or Flashdance dancer
  • Danny Zuko (Grease) – Wig with chops plus Thunderbirds jacket worn with jeans
  • Dark Bride – Zombie Bride with headdress etc – see Bloody Bride
  • Dark Nymph – Dark shredded gothic fairy with punk accessories
  • Darth Vadar – Black bodysuit, cape, helmet, gloves, light sabre, black boots
  • David Bowie –  Ziggy Stardust 1970’s suit with red mullet and makeup
  • David Livingstone – safari suit plus pith helmet – see Safari
  • Davy Crockett – western man with Crockett styled hat
  • Dead – use a zombie
  • Dead Man Pirate – Zombie pirate
  • Death – black robes, black hooded cape, scythe
  • Deer – furry brown suit, make up, headband, tail
  • Delilah – see Belly Dancers
  • Delinquent – see Schoolgirls
  • Demis Roussos – see Kaftans
  • Demon – see Devil
  • Dentist – see Doctor
  • Detective – See Gangsters, also Beige Trench Coat with Fedora Hat
  • Devil – all things red, from red bodysuit to red dress, cape, gloves, wings, horns and tail of course!
  • Diana Ross
  • Diana, Greek Goddess – see Ancients
  • Dick Tracy – gangster suit with yellow jacket worn over the top
  • Dick Turpin – highwayman and smuggler, plain pirate costume with cape
  • Dinner Suit – see Formal
  • Dinosaur
  • Disco King/Disco Queen/Disco Stu/70’s Disco Suits, shirts, flares/Disco Diva/Safari suits/1970’s suits and all things disco…………..
  • D Costumes
    Disco King – D Costumes

    D Costumes
    Disco Bunny – D Costumes
  • Disney costumes – see Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cruella De Ville, Shrek, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Mr and Mrs Incredible, Dash Incredible, Pirates of the Caribbean etc.
  • Divinyls – see Chrissie Amplet
  • Doctor
  • Doctor Evil – medium – grey jacket, grey pants, bald head wig Doctor Livingtson
  • Doctor of Death – see Zombie Doctor
  • Dog, Hot – onesize – foam hot dog costume
  • D Costumes
    Hungry for a Hot Dog? – D Costumes
  • Dog
  • Dolly Clown
  • Dolly Bird – word used to refer to ladies in 1960’s who wore bouffant hair, white go-go boots and minidresses – see Retro Minidresses
  • Dolly Parton
  • Dolly Varden
  • Dominatrix – PVC bondage style – use Catwoman, punk bits and black PVC clothing
  • Don Juan
  • Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) – blue gingham dress with white blouse, white socks, red glittery shoes, basket, blue hair ribbons, auburn wig, Toto dog optional!
  • D Costumes - Dorothy
    Dorothy – D Costumes
  • Dr Watson (Sherlock Holmes offsider)
  • Draco – bad guy from Harry Potter
  • Dracula – can be a full tuxedo with cape/mask/widow’s peak wig or a more simple and lightweight version with formal shirt, vest, formal pants, cape with collar and red lining, mask/fangs etc
  • Dracula - D costumes
    Dracula – D costumes
  • Dracula’s Bride – a wide variety of slinky dresses suit this look, pair with a cape, gloves, bride headpiece etc
  • Dragon
  • Druid – see Wizard
  • Duchess – see Princess and Queen
  • Dumbo – see Elephant
  • Dungeon Master – see Executioner
  • Duran Duran – 1980’s
  • Dusty Springfield – famous for her blonde beehive, heavy eye make-up and often wore shorter A-line 1960’s style dresses – see Retro dresses
  • Dutch Girl
  • Dynasty – see Cocktail Dresses

Phew!  That turned out to be more than I had bargained for!  Please be sure to let me know if I have neglected any “D” characters!

C costumes: Costumes starting with “C”!

Through the year we often have folks going to dress up shows where they have to dress up as a character that starts with the initial of the birthday boy/girls names……this can lead to some heavy brainstorming to get the perfect costume!  Here I’ve outlined some of the most common “C” costumes….

Costumes that start with “C”!


  • Cactus Pete – see Mexican
  • Cabaret Dancer – see Saloon Girls
  • Caesar – see Ancients
  • Caesar’s Wife, Calpurnia – see Ancients
  • Calamity Jane – see Cowgirls
  • Cardinal – see Bishop
  • Calico Jack – see Pirates
  • Call Girl
  • Can Can Girl
  • Calypso Girl/Caribbean Girl/Carmen Miranda
  • Calypso “Pirates of the Caribbean – tattered skirts, petticoats, bodice with fishing net feature, shell belts, black tattered shawl, heart necklace, dread lock wig
  • Canine – see Dog
  • Captain Caveman – see Cavepeople
  • Captain Cook – see Courtiers
  • Constable – see Police
  • Construction Worker – work clothes, boots, hard hat, tool belt
  • Captain Feathersword – see Pirates
  • Captain Hook – see Pirates
  • Captain Jack Sparrow – see Pirates and Jack Sparrow
  • Casino – formal wear/Casino themed costume
  • Captain James Kirk – Commander of the US Enterprise in Star Trek – see Star Trek
  • Captain Pugwash – Popular children’s pirate
  • Captain Lightening (Aussie Bushranger)
  • Caribbean Man – see Calypso
  • Care Bears – variety of fur suits, masks etc
  • Carnival – see Calypso
  • Carol Singer – Christmas Carol singer – Christmas coloured skirts, blouse, capes with hoods etc
  • Carpet Baggers – see Southern Gents
  • Carrie – horror prom girl covered in blood
  • Casanova – see Amadeus/Courtier
  • Castaway – ragged trousers, shirt, shredded straw hat, wild beard and wig, optional “friend” rock
  • Cat – variety bodysuits with fur, tail, headband
  • Cat in the Hat – black suit, white chest, striped red and white top, white gloves, face paint
  • Catwoman – black lycra bodysuit, gloves, headpiece
  • Caterpillar (Alice in Wonderland) – skivy top, green Caterpillar suit, green top hat with antennae
  • Cavalier – see Muskateer
  • Cavepeople – variety of fur tunics, armbands, leg bands, wild hair wig
  • Centurion – see Gladiator
  • Chaplain
  • Charles, Prince
  • Charleston – see Flappers
  • Charlie Chaplin – Black tails coat, grey pants, white shirt, vest, short wig, black bowler hat
  • Charlie’s Angels 1970’s version
  • Cheech and Chong – see Hippies/Bikies vests etc
  • Cheerleader – skirt, top, pom poms
  • Cookie Monster – Blue fluffy suit, fluffy shoes, fluffy gloves, mascot head
  • Cheetah – bodysuit and headpiece
  • Chef/Cook – Cook top, pants, chef hat
  • Cher – either 1970’s hippy style with long black hair with fringe or 1980’s leotard with fisnets, leather look jacket, sailor hat, huge black curly wig
  • Cheshire Cat – variety of suits, headpieces etc
  • Chicago – see Flappers
  • Chicken – furry yellow suit, mask etc
  • China Doll
  • Chinese Emperor
  • Choir Boy – red Priest with white shirt overlay
  • Chimp
  • Cinderella – Ballgown, petticoats etc
  • Cinderella (Rags)
  • Circus performer – also see Acrobat
  • Circus Strongman– Muscle shirt, jungle tunic, tattoos and bling
  • Clark Kent – wear pinstripe suit (Gangster) open over superman suit
  • Cleopatra
  • Clint Eastwood – cowboy with poncho and hat
  • Clown – variety of clown suits, hats, vests, wigs, face paint
  • Clyde Barrow(Bonnie and) – See Gangsters
  • Coachman
  • Cocktail dress – 1980’s glam/Dynasty – variety of 1980’s cocktail dresses
  • Colonial Lady/Colonial Wench – selection of historical dresses, skirts, bodices, petticoats, hats, gloves etc
  • Colonial Lad
  • Colonial Trooper
  • Commando – See Army
  • Conan the Barbarian – See Gladiator/Vikings/Barbarian/Caveman
  • Confederate Soldier table – see Police
  • Construction worker
  • Convict – see Criminal
  • Cop – see Police
  • Corpse Bride – see Zombie Bride
  • Corpse Groom – see Zombie Groom
  • Cossack
  • Count of Darkness – see Dracula
  • Countess Bloodthirst – also see Vampires
  • Countess Nocturna – see Vampires/Dracula’s Bride
  • Count, The – Sesame Street
  • Count Dracula – see Vampires/Dracula
  • Court Jester – also see Clowns/Jester
  • Courtier – see Amadeus
  • Cow – bodysuit with headpiece
  • Cowboy – selection of shirts, vests, braces, kerchief, hats etc
  • Cowgirl – Western shirts, vests, skirts, etc
  • Criminal – variety of suits/dresses/prisoner garb
  • Crocodile Dundee
  • Cruella De Ville
  • Crusader – see Knight
  • Cupid – nude bodysuit, tunic, wings, bow and arrow set

Be sure to comment if I have missed any character costume starting with “C”!

Costumes Starting with “B”

It’s taken a bit to get back to this project but finally I managed put together our “B” costumes in one list!

From all the Bobs to busty Bordello Babes, B is another popular category we get request for throughout the year………

Costumes starting with “B”

  • Baby Spice
  • Babe – pink pig suit – infant to adult
  • Bad Fairy
  • Baker – see Chef/Cook
  • Baldrick from Black Adder – medieval peasant costume
  • Ballarina/Ballet Dancer – variety of lyrical/tutu style ballerina outfits
  • Ballgowns – large variety of historical costumes, skirts, bodices, petticoats, gloves, accessories
  • Ballroom Dance– Yellow sunflower dress with built in petticoats
  • Bamm Bamm –One size fits most – black and white tunic with club, blonde wig, headband
  • Banana – yellow banana suit
  • Bandit – either Mexican or zorro or highwayman
  • Bank Robber – see Convict
  • Barbarella – cult 1968 film starring Jane Fonda in skimpy space girl outfits
  • Barbarian – see Gladiator/Vikings also
  • Barbarian Queen – see Vikings
  • Barbie Doll: slinky dress with boa/stole/gloves/long blonde wig
  • Barbossa (Pirates of the Caribbean) – Black pirate coat, breeches, shirt, sash, vest, hat with black feather, black bootlettes, wig, beard for sale, eyepatch, sword
  • Barmaid, French Maid – see Maid
  • Barney Rubble – blonde tufty hair and fur tunic plus big feet
  • Baron – velvet tunic, velvet cloak, baron medieval hat, pants, bootlettes, beard etc
  • Barrister – Black pants, white shirt, white cravat, black robes, barrister wig
  • Batman/Batgirl/Batkid – black lycra bodysuit, cape, bat belt, bat gloves, bat gloves, bootlettes – Batgirl skirt
  • Bat Bride – see Witches with bat motifs, bat headpiece
  • Bathers – ruffled pants, ruffled top, mop cap, striped socks
  • Bavarian Lady – Heidi style dress – see Beer Girl
  • Bavarian Man/German Man – lederhosen, shirt, long socks and hat
  • Bear – furry suit, mask, furry boots, furry gloves, vests, bowtie
  • Beast (Beauty and the)
  • Beatles – shaggy beatles wigs with straight legged vintage suit
  • Beauty Queen – Leotard with sash, tiara
  • Bee, Queen Bee:  Bee themed dress, wings, striped sox, headband etc
  • Beer Bottle – brown beer suit
  • Beer Girl – beer wench style dress, drindls and blouses, pig tail plaits, high socks/thigh highs
  • Beezelebub – see Devil
  • Bellboy/Buttons from Cinderella
  • Beefeater – brocade trimmed red jacket, pants with trim, plush black hat
  • Ben Hur – hero of Roman times – see Ancients/Gladiators
  • Benedictine Monk – see Monks
  • Belle (Beauty and the Beast) – yellow gown with hooded skirts, yellow gloves, brown hairpiece/wig
  • Belly Dancers – variety of midriff tops, blouses, harem pants, head pieces, scarves with coins, jewellery etc
  • Betty Boo – slinky dress with short curl wig
  • Bert from Sesame Street – Striped top, mask, jeans
  • Beverly Hillbillies – Gingham dresses with aprons/Farmers clothes
  • Biblical – see Ancients, Gladiators etc – variety of tunics and cloaks
  • Big Bad Wolf – see Granny Wolf
  • Big Bird – yellow top, yellow pants with orange legs, mask
  • Big Daddy – see Pimp
  • Big Momma (Pimpette)
  • Biker – biker leathers, biker studded stuff, wear with any tight jeans
  • Biker Chick – see Heavy Metal also
  • Big Game Hunter – see Safari suit
  • Biggles – jophurs with brown jacket, googles – see Amelia E
  • Bill Clinton – suit with grey hair wig
  • Billy Bob Hillbilly – casual clothes plus Billy Bob Teeth
  • Billy Idol Leather top, leather pants, studs, belt, chokers, white wig etc
  • Billy the Kid – see Cowboys
  • Bimbo
  • Bishop
  • Black Cat
  • Black Sabbath – see Heavy Metal
  • Blackbeard the Pirate – see Pirates
  • Blondie – 1980’s wear with blunt cut blonde bob wig
  • Bloody Bride – also see Zombie Bride
  • Bloody doctor/Bloody Nurse – bloody uniforms with accessories, bloody wounds and special effects
  • Blues Brothers- dapper black suit, skinny leg, skinny tie, white shirt, black hat, black sunglasses
  • Bonnie Parker – from Bonnie and Clyde – see Flappers
  • Boadicea – see Viking or Barbarian Queen – medieval gown, cloak, wig, sword, jewellery
  • Bob Marley – variety of Rasta and Hippy clothing, dreadlock wig, peace sign necklace
  • Bob the Builder – blue brace pants, orange check shirt, scarf, builders boots, builders hat
  • Bobby (English Policeman) – vintage style uniform jacket, pants, belt, bobby hat
  • Bobby Soxer – 1950’s Rock N Roll Chick
  • Bodgie – Rock n Roll, 1950’s
  • Bogan – ripped flannels, jeans, mullet wig
  • Bollywood
  • Bon Jovi – see Heavy Metal
  • Bond 007 – see Formal tuxedo
  • Boot Scooters – see Cowboys/Cowgirls
  • Bo-Peep – village style dress, crook
  • Bordello Babe – see Saloon Girls/Showgirls
  • Boxer – Silky boxers shorts, singlet top, boxers headpiece, boxers gloves
  • Boyz Band/Backstreet Boys – 1980’s casual wear
  • Bozo the Clown – see Clowns
  • Baby Clown
  • Brady Bunch – see Retro/Disco/Flares
  • Bundy Bottle – bottle of Queensland foam suit
  • Braveheart – see Scottish
  • Bride of Frankenstein
  • Bridegroom – see Formal
  • Britney Spears – schoolgirl costume with blonde wig in plaits
  • Brutus – see Ancients
  • Buccaneer – see Pirates
  • Buddy Holly
  • Buffalo Bill – see Cowboys
  • Bullfighter – breeches, bolero jacket, sash, red cape, bullfighters hat, long socks or hose
  • Bunny Girl – Black leotard with white trim, black fishnet tights, bunny ears, bow tie, gloves or cuffs, high heels
  • Butler – See Formal
  • Butterfly – fairy style dress with Butterfly wings/headpiece
  • Buzz Lightyear

Thanks for looking at this list, I hope it helps someone find their perfect B costume!  Please be sure to drop me a comment if you think of any B character costumes I have forgotten!

Costumes starting with “A”? Absolutely!

All year long we have (sometimes stressed) customers looking for a costume starting with the letters of their names, the letters of the birthday boy/girl or even combos of engaged people’s initials!

Since we have been doing this for so many years now, we have run the gauntlet of this task many times before.  So I thought we could share some the ideas we have seen over the last couple of decades of costume foolery!

Starting, of course, at the beginning with “A”!

Costume ideas – Starting with “A”

  • ABBA – Agnitha, Benny, Bjorn, Frida – variety of white, silver, blue and red 1970’s clothes with appropriate wigs.
  • Abby (NCIS) – lab coat, tartan miniskirt, black t-shirt, black and studded accessories, black wig with fringe and ponytail, lots of tattoos, striped socks
  • Abraham Lincoln –  black frock coat tails suit with black pants, black top hat, wig, beard
  • Absolutely Fabulous:  Eddie – 80’s tragic designer style with red curly wig,  Patsy – 80’s biker chick or designer style with blonde beehive, ciggies and booze bottle,
  • Absinthe Fairy – gorgeous green fairy dress, green glitter fairy wings, green garland, glitter makeup.
  • Academic/Judge – black robes with academic shawl, hat/ black pants, white shirt, black robe, white shirt, barrister’s or judge wig
  • Academy Award – Gold morf suit
  • Acropolis Now – “Effie”  tight 1980’s Glamour clothes, huge teased brown wig, heaps of make-up, heaps of gold jewellery
  • ACDC – Angus Young – School uniform, shorts, velvet jacket or school shirt, tie tie, shaggy brown wig, school cap
  • Ace Ventura – Pet Detective – loud shorts, Hawaiian shirt and quiff hair – add pink tutu if desired
  • AeroSmith 1980’s Glamour Rock flared and tight pants, studs, belts, scarves, ripped/singlet top/vest/frock coat, flicked brown wig
  • Acrobat/Circus performer – see Muscle Man as well – Acrobat is showgirl type leotard/tights, optional muscle shirt if a male, jungle person tunic, tattoos etc
  • Action Man – camo uniform – see Army
  • Adam Ant – Pirate shirt, pirate coat, black pants, scarves hanging off belt, bracelets, white stripe across nose, mullet/black hair with plaits hanging off
  • Adams Family:     Morticia – black dress with draped sleeves, long and slinky, long black wig – white makeup, heavy eye make-up and red lipstick

Gomez –  pinstripe black suit with whites stripe, white shirt, black tie, cigar, moustache.

Wednesday Adams – black dress with white collar and cuffs, black plaits wig

Lurch – black formal suit, white shirt, Frankenstein mask.

Uncle Fester – Great coat or monks robe worn with bald head wig

  • Admiral – military style uniform and hat
  • Aerobics Fan – leotards, tights, sweatbands, headbands and 80’s wig.
  • AFL Player – Footy players/supporters colours
  • African man – Masculine kaftan
  • African lady/queen – Kaftan with head wrapping
  • Agent 99 (Get Smart) – Retro dress, wear with brown bobbed wig plus small hat, gloves etc
  • Agent Smith (Matrix) – Black business suit, white shirt, black tie, black glasses
  •  Air Hostess: sexy stretchy minidress with scarf and hat
  • Airline Pilot: vintage navy wool blend jacket with insignia, navy pants, blue shirt, blue tie, blue vintage hat
  • Al Capone – variety of gangster suits – see Gangsters
  • Aladdin – top, vest, baggy pants, sash, turban etc
  • Albert Einstein – Lab coat plus scruffy grey hair wig
  • Ali G – Yellow tracksuit with black trim, heaps of gold jewellery, glasses
  • Alexander the Great – see Gladiators
  • Alfred Hitchcock – black suit, bald head
  • Alfred from “Batman” – Formal shirt, French cuffs, cuff-links, vest, bow-tie, grey wig
  • Ali Baba – top, vest, baggy pants, sash and hat – or see Aladdin
  • Alice in Wonderland:  blue floral top, blue petticoat skirt, white apron, blonde wig, blue head band,  or blue dress with lace up adjustable back, white bodice with white apron, black bow headband etc
  • ..
  • Alice Cooper – black cape, heavy metal t-shirt, worn with jeans or black pants, black studded bits, gravediggers hat
  • Altar Boy – Red robes, white shirt
  • Amadeus/Courtier:  Gold cutaway frock coat, breeches, ruffled shirt/cravat, tricorn hat, court wig available
  • Amazonian Chief – witch doctor style costume with grass skirt, fur vest, feathered headdress, bone jewellery
  • Amelia Earhart – jodhpurs, pvc bomber jacket, aviator cap and goggles
  • American Civil Way uniform – Confederate or Union uniform
  • Amidala, Queen – red robes, red collar with gold embroidery, headdress, white face make-up
  • Amigo – see Mexican
  • Amy Winehouse – Black beehive wig with flowers, tight skirt, tiny top, big heels, tattoo sleeves or stick ons
  • Amphlett, Chrissy – School girl uniform with red wig
  • Angelica “Pirates of the Caribbean” – Pirate Lass pants, shirt, vest, long brown curly hair, boots, sword etc
  • Angry Anderson – Denim vest/punk t-shirt/vest, bald head, heaps of tattoos
  • Anne Boleyn – Medieval gown with hanging sleeves, dark straight wig
  • Anakin Skywalker – black tunic top, black PVC or leather shoulder pelmets, brown breeches, black boots or boot covers with buckles, black cape, black gloves
  • Animal “The Muppets”
  • Ancient Greek/Ancient Roman – also see Cleopatra/Gladiators: White gown with gold trim, cream and wine gown with attached draping, head cord etc
  • Annie – red knee-length dress with white collar, red curly hair
  • Andy Warhol – Straight white short-haired wig, 1970’s flared pants, shirt/vest/jacket, large dark 1970’s glasses
  • Angel White corset, white lace top, white long satin skirt, white gloves, wings plus halo
  • Angel dress
  • Ann Margaret –  see Retro dresses, add red straight wig
  • Anne Bonney (Pirate Queen) – see Pirate Lasses…..
  • Annie  Oakley – “Annie Get Your Gun” –  see Cowgirl costumes….
  • ANZAC – Historical Army Uniform
  • Auntie Em “Wizard of Oz” – 1940’s style day dress with cotton apron/pinafore, grey hair bun wig
  • Ape – see Gorilla
  • Aphrodite – Goddess of Love – see Ancient
  • Apostle – Arabian Prince robes/cape etc
  • Applegate, Christina  – 1980’s Rock Chick with blonde wig
  • Arab Prince/Arabian – blue and black robe, black cape, black scarf, grey bear
  • Arabian Nights – see Harem Dancer, Sheik, Guard, Genie
  • Aragorn – Black medieval shirt, vest, coat, pants, boots, cape, belts, brown shaggy shoulder length wig
  • Archbishop – Religious robes
  • Archer – see Robin Hood/Aragorn
  • Artist – Paint covered tunic, beret
  • Ariel, the Little Mermaid – see Mermaid
  • Aristos, Surprise Chef – chef uniform
  • Aristotle – see Ancient
  • Army/Army Girl/Army Pin-Up/Foreign Dictator – Army pants, camo jacket, khaki shirt
  • Army – US Marine –  Authentic US Army Marines Uniform – Blazer with badges, pants, shirt, tie, hat
  • Army:  Foreign Dictator style – cream pants, khaki shirt, Pale camo jacket, black military cap, medals, gun belt (optional) – 36” waist
  • Army Pin-Up Girl, army girl top with attached belt and medals, red gloves, collar and hat.
  • Artful Dodger – Oliver Twist – raggedy Urchin clothes
  • Attila the Hun – Wide legged pants, cross-over tunic, shirt, padded vest, sword, sash
  • Arwen – (Lord of the Rings) – midnight velvet gown with red hanging sleeves
  • Astronaut – see Space People
  • A-Team – Mr T – Denim or leather vest, lots of gold chain, mohawk wig
  • Athena – see Ancients
  • Audrey Hepburn – black and white formal dress – white gloves, Audrey wig
  • Aunty Jack
  • Aussie Digger – see Army
  • Austin Powers – Blue velvet pants, blue velvet jacket, white shirt with lace cravat, brown wig, glasses, medallions.
  • Australian Soldier – see Army
  • Autumn Fairy – Brown and green fairy dress, wings, trimmings, garland
  • Avatar – blue bodysuit, brown skirt, plaited wig, beads
  • Avengers – Black Widow, The Thing, Hawk-eye, Spider-man, Venom, Spider-woman, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Wolverine, Thor, Iron-Man, Captain America, She-Hulk, Hulk etc – 101 Characters have been in The Avengers!
  • Aviator – Bomber style leather look jacket, goggles, leather look cap, tight gophers
  • Axe Murderer – blood covered clothes/overalls, executioner mask, axe prop
  • Axel Rose – small to medium – leather pants, metal singlet, black leather look jacket/vest, chains/studs, bandana, red wig.

Phew!  Let’s see how I go keeping motivated to get to the end of the alphabet!  Think I may need a coffee refill!