Peace Babies! Hippy costumes for a groovy night!

I think I was born in the wrong era!  I’ve always thought they had it right in the Hippy Years, from music, ideology to fashion.  One of the best dress up nights you will ever go to is bound to be a Hippy Party!

Hippies range from minidresses, to maxis, from all sorts of materials.  Often there are beautiful details like embroidery and extra features on vintage items – the sort of attention to detail rarely seen in our mass produced market of today.  Hippy fashion entails all things beautiful and bohemian with the craft of different cultures front and centre.

In fact, I met my beautiful husband at Deb’s 1970’s party (as I’ve blogged before!)……he was wearing a huge afro and I didn’t recognise him when I saw him again a few weeks later!

Hippies are a constant item in our little costume shop.  People are always happy to go as a groovy hippy to a 1960’s or 1970’s show.  The look is comfy yet eclectic and you are free to express yourself anyway you feel.

From miniskirts to maxi dresses, this era was characterised by freedom and self expression.








Searching the Pattern Box for inspiration!

Sometimes you just need to take a break from all the “have to do”‘s on your list and just imagine something gorgeous!  Today was one of those clean up days.  Time to sort some dress making patterns back into their packets, but a great chance to dream!  I love having a look through dress making patterns, imagining the material I would use and the changes you could make to make it your own.


This great 1950’s pattern from Vogue features a tailored pencil skirt and matching jacket – so chic!


This gorgeous pattern from the 1960’s features long and shorter formal dresses with a formal coat to match.


From the funky 1970’s, this pant suit could look great in some wild colour combos!


Can’t forget the kids!  I love the flared leg overalls but I doubt my darlings will let me inflict a matching set on them – I can dream!


One of my favourite pattern series is the American Designers series from Vogue in the 1970’s.  Above is a killer Bill Blass Americana skirt set.


This pant set pattern by Yves Saint Laurent would create a wonderful disco outfit with the right sparkly fabric.


This glamorous maxi-dress design by Bill Blass would look gorgeous with the right fabric to create the flowing effect.

We’ll be adding more pattern photos to build up our reference library over the next little time period.  We are currently in a bit of a clean-up phase with lots of costumes being sorted from storage.  It’s a busy time of year for us with lots of parties and a lot of bulk orders coming and going.

While it is so busy it is almost impossible for any projects of my own choice.   I can only sort my dress making patterns and dream of the creations I could make, given time and space.  For now, time to muse!

Santa’s Little Helpers! Unpacking Christmas costumes…..

It’s that time of year again!  Time to drag out the Christmas decorations!  We start to take Christmas costume bookings thick and fast from this time of year until the last moment!  (Trying so hard to be organised this year!)  It is a huge job, getting all our Santa suits and helpers cleaned and ready, time to knuckle down before the crazy times really hit.  After our last move a lot of our costumes went into storage or to sewing.  This means heaps of unpacking and discovering forgotten treasures!

Mother Christmas or Mrs Claus to you!

Most years we have a few requests for Mrs Claus.  She steps out in a number of different looks, from what I like to term “Hoochy Coochy” Mother Christmas to more, well, matronly attire!  It all depends on the occasion really.  A few demure outfits follow, just to ease into this Christmas thing sedately.

Christmas costume – Modest Mrs Claus – dress, cape, thick belt, white gloves, hat – Medium/Large


Christmas costumes
Satin traditional Mother Christmas costume – small