Dressed as an “F”?

Dressed as an “F”?  Yep, could be seen as a hard one – you have to go dressed as something starting with the letter F?  Resisting the obvious urge here I’ve thought of the following….

Can you think of any I’ve forgotten?

  • Fabian – long flowing blonde hair, swashing buckling clothing, flouncy shirt or bare chest, tight breeches, pirate boots etc
  • Fagin – Oliver Twist character – ragged street wear
  • Fairy/Fairy Princess/Fairy Queen – variety of styles of fairy dresses with wings, flower garlands, flowing hair etc
  • Fairy Godmother – traditionally a pink ball gown with silver details, also sometimes blue hooded robes with pink bow, see Cinderella
  • Fallen Angel – black shredded dress/leotards, black feather wings, bustier et
  • Fame/Flashdance – leotards and leggings
  • Farm Animal – see Cow, Dog, Chicken, Cat
  • Farmer’s Daughter – sexy gingham dress with piggy tails
  • Fat Bastard (Austin Powers) – kilt plus orange wig
  • Father Christmas – see Santa
  • Father Time– traditionally wearing white robes with a scythe and hourglass
  • Felicity Shagwell (Austin Powers) – see Retro Dresses
  • Fred Astaire – tailcoat and top hat
  • French Foreign Legion – Biege safari suit worn with Foreign Legion cap
  • Felon – see Convict/Criminal
  • Fester Adams, also known as Uncle Fester – long grey robe, bald head and bald head with very dark eyes.
  • Fifties Rock n Roll Chicks – huge variety of possible looks from poodle skirts to pedal pushers
  • Fiona, Princess (Shrek)- green velvet dress, green shrek ears, green face and body paint, red plaited wig
  • Fire Fighter – variety of looks, usually red and yellow with hardhat etc
  • Fantastic Four – blue leotard suits with symbols
  • Flight Attendant – see Air Hostess and Stewardess
  • Flamenco Dancer – Spanish flounced dresses
  • Flappers 1920’s – variety of fringed/sequinned/beaded dresses and accessories
  • Flash, The– red suit with headpiece
  • Flower Seller – from My Fair Lady – any sort of Victorian Floozy type costume would work, with a basket full of flowers
  • Flying Nun – see Nuns
  • Fonzie – pegged jeans, brown leather bomber jacket, white t-shirt, dark brown elvis style hair, comb
  • Footman – military style jacket, pants and pillbox hat, handy for Cinderella etc
  • Forest Fairy – fairy with forest theme eg flowers/vines etc
  • Forties Dresses –variety of vintage 1940’s dresses with gloves, stoles, hats etc
  • Fortune Teller – see Gypsy – skirt,top, jewellery etc
  • Foxy Cleopatra – gold disco shorts plus top worn with platforms and large brown afro wig – made famous by Beyonce in Austin Power’s movies.
  • Dressed as an "F"?
    Foxy Cleopatra hair!
  • Frankenfurter – large corset, suspenders, fishnets, jewellery, gloves, boy shorts, curly black wig, heaps of make up, feather boa, high heels
  • Frankenstein – kids large – jacket, pants with built on shoes, mask
  • Fred (Scooby Doo) – White 1970’s shirt, blue flares, red necktie, blonde men’s wig
  • Fred Flintstone – kids large – orange and black tunic, tie and wig
  • Freddie Kruegar – striped red and khaki jumper, beaten up fedora hat, mask and Freddie glove, black pants/jeans
  • French, Dawn – try Vicar of Dibley with bobbed wi
  • French Maid – black and white maids outfit, feather duster etc
  • Frenchy (Grease) – pink or pineapple blonde bee-hive wig, beauty school dropout outfit or Pink Ladies jacket with fifties wear
  • Friar Tuck – see Monk
  • Frodo Baggins – light brown tunic, shirt, leggings, cloak, big feet, shaggy brown wig
  • Frog– green suit with mask
  • Dressed as an "F"?
  • Frontier Man – see Cowboys
  • Dressed as an "F"
    Dressed as an “F” – frontier man


Okay, I’m tapping out here – let me know if you can think of any other “F” costumes!