It’s nearly Book Week Baby!

Love, love book week!  I have to admit though, when I first found out about this whole annual book/dress-up-your-child challenge I was a tad overwhelmed.   (Plus I have a costume shop at my disposal/literal door step!)

It seemed like another big ask of an overwhelmed Mum.   (Especially fishing a soggy note out of a school bag on the morning of the first dress up date!).  Now some may be critical of my note-reading but to quote a wise woman, “No one got time for that!”.  Unless a note is under my nose it is not my highest priority.   In my kids school life they have gotten used to Mum forgetting things.

Anyway, my rambling point is, I get it!  Yet another costume is a hard ask but it is totally worth helping your child to participate in book week if you can!  Books are treasured friends in our household.  Raising your child with a love and interest in books is a great asset to them, their whole lives.  Some kids have no interest in books for a long time but if you can light that spark you will see some fantastic results!

One of my aims with my blog project is to try and share some of the tips I have picked up all these years of washing, ironing, making, mending and hauling heavy costumes around.  I love kids costumes especially, cos you always know when you have it right with kids and when they are happy they just shine!  (You also know it until and unless you get it right!)

Now, a look at some costumes and themes easily worked in with different books.   Grab a book and costume to match, get settled and have a fun time reading together!

Dinosaurs everywhere!

There are heaps of books on Dinosaurs, aimed from toddlers to juniors.  An easy Dinosaur costume will keep your child cosy and warm too!

Tiny Stegasauras
Tiny Stegasauras stomping!

Baby Dinosaur copy

Junior Dinosaurs
Junior Dinosaurs

Jungle Animals

From the Jungle Book to Animalia and Dear Zoo, there are heaps of stories with a variety of jungle animals.   The only trouble is picking which animal suit fits best!  The rise of the onesie is a great relief for getting Mum out of trouble and a rugged up kid off to school.   Points if they wore it to bed after a wash the night before and can legitimately go to school in their jammies!!  Woo hoo!!

Kids Leopard

Naughty monkey onesie

Cartoon characters and heros

One of the few times we can thank commercialism here!  Most movies/tv shows have books associated with them.  This can be a great way to get a reluctant reader started.  Trying a is book or comic with their current favourite character can really help.   Before they know it they are engrossed and you can enjoy that fleeting sound lost during early motherhood………the sound of silence….shhhhh!  Don’t ruin the moment, just enjoy……………

Cutie Pink CareBear
Awwww….too cute Care Bear!


yo gabba6475-Incredibles-Violet-Costume-largemarvinwinnie-the-pooh-bodysuit-costumeSuperhero Kids Power rangers blue

Fairy Tale and Nursery Rhyme characters

One of the easiest ways to beat the Book Week costume dilemma is to utilise an age old fairy tale book or nursery rhyme.   It was quite a revolution for my kids to realise that Snow White actually had a number of different manifestations and she doesn’t always look like the Walt Disney version.   Of course I had to prove this point by producing an actual old-timey book of Snow White but a quick trip to the op shop solved that!  Ditto with old favourites like Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel, Wicked Witch etc.   A princess with a long wig can be Rapunzel.  A full blue dress or anything sparkly and glittery is Cinderella and a black wig is Snow White – you get the drift!

Princess who-ever-she-wants-to-be!


You can always rely on the classics to help you out!  There are plenty of versions of classic characters like Alice and who doesn’t want to be a Red Queen?  Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and his pirate crew.  The classic books have lots of great costumes and every kid should read a classic at least once!

Alice in Wonderland
Schoolkids Wedding
Old Communion/bridesmaid dresses are great for the White Witch from Alice in Wonderland!
Small Heidi
Cute little Heidi outfit!

Hopefully these have sparked some ideas for your little one!  Let me know if you have any thoughts or costumes you would like to see us try and I’d be glad to give it a go!  Whether you start at the bookshelf or at the dress-up box, book week is a great way to engage your child with imaginative play and a love of reading.

Have fun!

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