Book Week 2017 – Escape to Everywhere!

Book Week doesn’t have to be a drama – I know easy to say right?  On the bright side, there is plenty of time till the wonders of 26th August and the start of Book Week 2017!  The theme this year is Escape to Everywhere which I love cos it is super easy to work with whatever your darkling little rug rat is into this year…….I’ve started a few thoughts, just to begin with some tried and true characters….

Escape to….Wonderland!

Can’t go wrong with the classic from Lewis Carol – Alice in Wonderland…….there are plenty of cool characters to choose from.  Bonus mummy points if you actually read it with your lovelies and double bonus points if you can sprout some memorable quotes from this gorgeous text!

Book Week 2017
Alice in Wonderland – quaint version
Book Week 2017
Caterpiller and Cheshire Cat
Book Week 2017
Queen of Hearts
Book Week 2017
Cutie Alice in Wonderland
Book Week 2017
“We’re all Mad here – but the best people are!” Mad Hatter
Book Week 2017
“Off with their heads!” Don’t mess with the Red Queen
Book Week 2017
Mad Hatter exceeds at eclectic!

Escape to….a fairytale once upon a time….

There are so many fairytales to choose from!  Twisted versions are always great to get kids thinking out of the square – you don’t have to go for the standard fare, see what varieties on fairytale themes you can find out there to spark some creative thinking….

Book Week 2017
Red Riding Hood – always outsmarts that mean Wolf!
Book Week 2017
Which Witch? So many witchy characters! Bonus pet familiar!
Book Week 2017
Witchy with cat friend – spot her?


Escape….Over the Rainbow

Poor Dorothy – searching for something she already had!  Still she had some adventures and met lots of interesting characters!  From Dorothy and side-kick Toto, to the Witch, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Tin-Man – these guys are unmistakable.

Book Week 2017
Dorothy – just needed to tap those shoes together!

Okay, so far I’ve just scraped the surface of the possibilities here.  Time to get down to the shop and start dragging out the Book Week costumes – whew, hang on to your knickers folks, it’s about to get costume crazy!

Ready for a peculiar adventure…….Alice in Wonderland!

Lewis Carroll’s Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is easily one of my favourite characters.  Her lovely curiosity and witty humour have given us some beautiful quotes, albeit cryptic ones!

“But it’s no use going back to yesterday , because I was a different person then.”

Lots of different looks for Alice!

She also has some great costumes which can be highly versatile.  Alice’s costume can be sweet or sassy and looks great on everyone.  She is instantly recognisable in her blue dress with black accents and white apron.  The perfect costume for Book Week!

Alice can also carry props like a toy clock or stuffed white rabbit – maybe even a real white rabbit if you happen to have one handy! Today I’m posting some of our Alice costumes, just because I’m in an Alice sort of mood – curious and curiouser!

Alice in Wonderland costume
Alice in Wonderland classic costume

Just by keeping some simple elements there are a number of different looks that Alice can easily adapt too!  Your base of your costume is a relatively simple blue dress in a nice clear light blue……..

Traditional Alice in Wonderland


Add a matching white apron or pinafore, maybe some flouncy blue petticoats?

Alice Sweetie
Sleek and simple Alice

Add a long blonde wig, black headband and black accents……

Or go the easy way and purchase one of the huge variety of commercially available Alice’s:

Naughty Alice
Naughty Alice
Sexy Alice in Wonderland
Sexy Alice in Wonderland

One of our popular sellers is below – easy peasy stretchy Alice dress with built in petticoats, apron, ribbon headband…………don’t forget the stripey stay ups!

Alice for sale

Tone it down for Book Week and up for a Wonderland inspired party – Alice is a great, go-too costume.  Best of all, you get to run around quoting Alice-isms all night!

“I knew who I was this morning, but I’ve changed a few times since then.”  Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll